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1/3 Bet size problem?

It's a 1/3 game in Seattle at Fortune Poker. I have 600, and some players cover. Game has been loose. Average open raise for this table varies between $12 and $20. Sometimes an open raise to 20 will get 4 callers.

Anyway I open to 20 in MP2 with QQ, Cutoff calls with 260 behind. He hasn't done anything wild but he is a recreational player, somewhat on the loose side. My image is also pretty loose.

I think he could cold call with pairs, suited connectors, AQ - A9, suited aces, some one gap suited connectors like 68s, 79s.

Anyway, everyone folds around.

The flop is 779 rainbow and I bet 30. He calls in a standard amount of time.

Turn 3 bringing a flush draw.
I bet 75 and he thinks for a second, almost like he is either slightly feigning weakness or doesn't know what to do, and goes all in for 230.

I folded, he didn't show. Were my be sizes wrong? Should I have called?


  • tanks_a_lottanks_a_lot Posts: 41Member
    Betting 75 OTT might seem standard but if you really think about it, what types of worse hands could he have here that you could get action from? As played a fold is probably fine but I would lean toward a ✔/call OTT.

    Also don't reveal the result of the hand in your initial post. You want the replies to be objective.
  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    edited September 2017
    Could probably size up pre, and size down a bit post on such a dry board, but you played it largely correct readless.
  • ohsnapzbrah Posts: 632Subscriber
    This is standard CLP stuff. Bet and bet and bet until raised against, then fold. Which seems correct here. A readless rec probably isn't turning a hand like T8s into a bluff here, nor 9x. Size down a little bit on the flop, but I don't think it's a huge mistake. Size down a bit OTT as well, we don't have to bet 3/4 pot on a board where we're trying to get called by worse.
  • brick Posts: 124Subscriber
    edited September 2017
    I seemed to have out-thought myself here. Sometimes I bet a little larger in hope that it will look suspicious. I thought about betting 60 but bumped it to 75 hoping for a crying call. IMO bets of odd sizes seem to get looked up more. He's got to figure I have an overpair or I'm trying to buy the pot with AK. (I guess it makes sense that odd sizes get looked up more because the bettor is often more polarized at the far ends of the sizing spectrum.)

    $15-$30 looks pretty weak.
    $45 -$60 seems standard
    $75-$100 seems a little heavy on the bet size.
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