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£1/£1 - 3B Pot - Btn vs BB

Effective stacks: 100bbs
Villain: We've only played a couple of orbits together and he seems a standard ABC player, i.e. I haven't noticed him being overly loose or aggro or show down unexpected hands.


Villain opens to £3 on the button and I 3bet to £9 from the BB with K Q , villain calls. Pot size is (£19).


Flop comes 5 5 Q and I cbet ~half pot (£10). Villains calls. Pot size is (£39).
Turn comes 5 and I fire 2/3rds pot (£26). Villain calls. Pot size is (£91).
River is the A Hero ??? :???:

River thought process:

Given that the villain called my turn bet it's safe to assume he has at least a Q? With the ace hitting I decide to check/evaluate and see what he does. Would I be right in assuming that he will check back all his QT/QJ/QK hands to get to showdown and jam AQ/A5s/56s hence making the river a check fold? I can't think what bluffs he could potentially have in his range at the river?




  • sanox Posts: 82Subscriber
    There is not much value in betting, but by checking , you just put your hand kind of face up.

    I would still check, hoping he would check behind a hand like 88, and does not try to turn it into a bluff. Because the spot is so specific, vs unknown, I would here assume they would underbluff and c/f almost all my range.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 360Subscriber
    I would just check the river. The A is a great bluff card for V (even though he/she appears standard ABC)

    I would lean on calling a smallish bet but fold anything bigger than 1/2 psb.
  • CycleV Posts: 910Subscriber
    fwiw I think you should 3 bet bigger pre. 12 would be my min, 15 my likely bet size.

    River I'd c/c. How many naked aces do you think he gets to the river with?
  • sanox Posts: 82Subscriber
    On the other hand , with what bluffs would he have after having called flop and turn?
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