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Good Bluff or Spew?

Villain is younger Asian guy. He's been at the table for an hour now. Seems on the tight side and rather straight forward. I haven't seen anything impressive from him (good or bad)

I've been pretty card dead for the last 3 hours. Barely played any pots.

1/2 effective stacks 195

EP opens 10, 3 callers
Hero calls from CO with 7d7h
Villain in BB raises 30
EP calls 2 folds
Hero calls.

If Villain raises bigger, I fold. Getting 5 to 1 immediately, I call. Thoughts?

(Pot 121) 3 players
Flop Jd Jh 6d

V bets 35, EP folds, Hero All in 130 to call

V's small bet sizing doesn't look like an overpair. I think overpairs would want to charge diamond draws and bet larger. Even if Villain has an overpair, I think I have enough Jacks in my range to make this a pretty uncomfortable spot for him.

All comments appreciated.


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    I think I see what you tried to do. Feel like you got snapped off by AA here or something.

    The thing that's going to keep me from shoving flop is him raising small preflop then leading small into multiple people.

    Once we shove we turn out hand into a bluff. Paired boards too get called lighter regardless
  • ohsnapzbrah Posts: 632Subscriber
    Preflop is fine. What is your plan for when we call preflop? With a pair like this against a straightforward player, it's pretty much "no set no bet." Excluding of course 986, 456, etc type of flops.

    I'd just stick with the plan. He is unimaginative and bet into three people. I know his bet sizing seems weak, but him betting is still fairly strong. If we did have a Jx, I don't think we ever jam or raise here. We don't know if he is going to know that since he is unknown, but it's usually best practice to stick with the lower variance route.
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