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2/5/10 QQ vs a Lags 4 bet

2100eff. 6 handed UTG straddle Younger Laggy reg 40 HJ . V calls CO. Hero 200 BTN. QQhs. HJ 545. Hero calls 986ccx. V 400. Hero calls. Turn 6c. V checks. Hero? Pot:1900. We have 1150 remaining.

Hero has active image. Thoughts on all streets appreciated thanks!


  • iamallin Posts: 1,173SubscriberProfessional
    I would just shove that flop.

    SPR is too small to just call. We don't even have a club so our playability is poor on club run outs.

    As played, I would still shove. Not too happy about it without the Qc. But I don't see any other way to play this hand and our range here.

    If we had a flush we would shove.If we floated the flop with Ac orKc we would shove.

    If you have a read on him, checking turn and folding to a river shove is possible - but need a good read on his tendencies in big pots to do that. IF we know he plays nitty when pots get big, that line has some merit imo.

  • maphacks Posts: 1,992Subscriber
    I assume a LAG has a wider bluff 4b range than most and might even looser than it should (more than a couple of Axs). if this implies he has more value 4bets as well like JJ, maybe even TT or hands such as T9s,JTs I like a shove OTF. If you don't think he "value" bets that wide, I think a like a flopcall and re-evaluate OTT.

    if he ships turn I would call or fold depending on how I play AA/KK pre (could be a call against LAGs with the right postflop tendencies) and obviously it's very read dependend but probably kind of "flip a coin" scenario meaning there won't be a big difference in EV (at least with given infos).

    as played I think I am in client to just ship it. second option is checking back and calling any non ace river.

    but really "LAG" can mean a lot...
  • AJoff Posts: 546Subscriber
    I would check. I think most of the hands you are afraid of giving a free card don’t check.

    Shoving flop seems fine
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