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175 effective 2/5/10 with QQ against Button straddle.

MrBucket Posts: 36SubscriberProfessional
1750 effective with button to my left. He is a good reg, probably the best in player pool. We have very little history.
1500 effective with BB he is calling enormously wide preflop

BU Straddle for 10 (the reg)
SB Call 10
BB Call 10
CO (hero) Raise 60 QhQs
BU (reg) 3b to 180
SB fold
BB Calls 180
CO (Hero) 4b to 550
BU Call 550
BB Call 550

Flop: Jc6c6d ($1653)
BB ($950): Check
Hero ($1150) Check
BU (Covers) Check

Turn: 8c ($1653)
BB ($950) Check
Hero (1150) Bet $400
BU (Covers) Call $400
BB Fold

River : Ac
Hero (750) Check
BU bets all in (750)
Hero (750) folds

Preflop : We have been playing 4 handed for a little while and villain has begun straddling his buttons. SB and BB are limping 100% or close to it pre, so villain knows I could definitely be wide here. Haven't seen villain 3b much, but i know he does 3b light. I think QQ fairs to be really strong vs his 3b range here, and I think BB is definitely possible to continue v this raise. When BU flats I don't think his range is well defined. I think flatting AA, KK etc is good in his position here because the BB will likely call the 550 with a much larger range than the 5bet. The button probably views me as an online guy. I think my range for 4 betting here is Ako, AKs, QQ+, and AQo. I don't really think 4bet bluffing with a hand like A5s makes sense here as we are likely to get flatted too often by BB.

I decided to check my entire range here. I think their are not many bad cards for our range, (though there are for our specific holding). I also think checking is the best way to get value with the KK/AA in our range.

With 3 clubs now on board I think we have to bet. I decided a smaller sizing was better as we were more likely to get value from jx, TT, 99, or even AK with or without clubs. I will make this bet with my entire range except for the AK/AQ combos without a flush draw and AcKc.

Worst river in the deck. We are now at the very bottom of our range and I think we have to c/f. My plan for river is to jam all K high flushes as well as AA, c/c with all queen high flushes and fold the rest.



  • sanox Posts: 82Subscriber
    You have a 2/3 PSB left on the turn with a BB that can call wide , I would just shove here
  • MrBucket Posts: 36SubscriberProfessional
    I think if i Jam turn I will only get called by better or maybe AK/AQ with a club. The BB was super wide preflop but i dont see him calling off with a jack or 99/TT here.
  • iamallin Posts: 1,173SubscriberProfessional
    As played, fold is wise.

    I don't like playing this over 3 streets.

    Lets them realize too much equity. Completely kills the point of 4 betting a hand like qq. A large part of the profitability of qq comes from denying equity pre and post flop.

    In a 4 bet pot, you don't expect to stack tt too often. So qq really serves more as equity denial than pure value .

    We don't have the queen of clubs.

    I would just shove this flop with this hand.

    I won't go into complete range construction here but generally looking to play future streets when I have a club and shoving flop otherwise seems fine to me.
  • Hufftastic Posts: 19Subscriber
    I shove the flop here. Agree that a big part of the shove rationale is denying the equity of your opponents as opposed to expecting to get called by worse. With that said, if the BB is calling 180 cold and a 4 bet to 550 wide, he's probably calling the flop wide too. If he put in 550 and hit a jack is he really folding now?. Or he might put you on AK and hero call you with a smaller pocket pair.

    Given that you don't shove the flop, I think your sizing on the turn here is giving them the right price to draw for a club. I think you're much more likely to get called correctly by a flush draw than to get a thin call from a pocket pair. If this was the river and you're betting small to get looked up lite that might work, but it's more of a stretch to get called lite on the turn with a hand that has little hope for improvement and just wants to get to showdown.

  • maphacks Posts: 1,992Subscriber
    bet flop. shoving or betting smaller to make the bad player call is also fine.

    if you don't want to shove on such a flop you better don't 4b in the first place.

    as played we can't call the river, even for that price. the 3rd club makes me want to shove the turn even more.
  • maphacks Posts: 1,992Subscriber
    edited October 2017
    BB is super wide, calls pre with some Jx but won't call J66 doesn't make sense to me. in his eyes what better can he hope for when he has KJs/AJ? bad players love to put you on AK when they try to justify a bad call.
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