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Crush Live Poker Video No. 318: Good bluffs, Bad bluffs and missed value

Craig Posts: 745Administrator
This month, Tuck examines a standard 5-5 game full of the usual good and bad spots to bluff

Episode posts at 11:00 AM PST.

by 122CLA


  • 22CLA Posts: 8Subscriber
    Hey Tuck,

    Claudiu here! The QJ hand, you assumed a lot of things. Preflop I try to play as many hands with the blinds, but I will not raise every QJo. Postflop I will raise in this spot very lite against Tony, it is a different situation than the one when I flat with JJ because here I know how Tony plays and I know he has a lot of marginal hands leading out and almost never a T. That is why I raise bluff QJ, but I will be balanced here by raising lite value hands like JJ+ A9 and a T. From what I have seen the player who was behind in that hand played very tight and I did't think that he is capable of making a move there.
  • 22CLA Posts: 8Subscriber
    With the Ah8h hand, I will check back there with over pairs, plus the AK AQ, and I don't see a point in bluffing a hand with that much equity. Another thing is that the board I think is favorable for his range, so I don't mind having a large check back range with position, this can open up very good situations for me on the turn and river, like this one, where I can have the nuts on the river and he can spaz out.

    I did liked the ramble on the last hand, very good question about what bluffs I may have. Thinking about it, probably it is good to bet AQ as a bluff there, but probably at that time I would not have done it, maybe AhQ or something.

    Anyway, thanks for the review, you underestimated my balancing capabilities, and that means I did a good job in the game.
  • jcp182000 Posts: 3Subscriber
    I don't think you ramble, Tuck! Great video!
  • nofriends333 Posts: 887Troll
    Tuchman would make a great play by play NHL or NFL announcer and make huge bucks instead of the paltry salary Bart is paying him to work for CLP
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