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Is a Mississippi Straddle +EV?

I play in an extremely loose 1-3 NL game. Lots of limpers. The buy-in is $100 to $500. Most people have about $300 in front of them. Button straddles don't seem to discourage the blinds from calling in a limped pot. In this situation, is a button straddle (to $6) a good idea if I am the only one doing it? It seems to me that, since most people are making bad decisions preflop, a straddle is going to magnify their mistakes. I realize that this reduces the skill advantage after the flop, but most people's primary errors are before the flop in this game, especially if we are 50bb deep, which makes their loose calls preflop even worse.


  • BartBart Posts: 5,787AdministratorLeadPro
    If your the only one doing it than yes it is definitely an advantage for you. With that being said I have found that these straddles are generally bad for the game as it makes players play OOP from the button straddle play too tight.
  • DrSpace Posts: 715Subscriber
    Especially in bigger games they are a cancer for the room. It can also be hard to convince young pros of this -- it seems baller to them. It discourages multiway play, strengthens calling ranges a lot and generally kills larger games. At the smaller limits it matters a lot less but the rules tend to be uniform across the stakes.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,290Subscriber
    But if you do it......

    For it to be profitable you need many players coming into the pot so when you raise steal they fold. And you have to raise steal more times then the number of players coming into the pot for it to be profitable.

    I try to discourage it at the table in an indirect way. I want T2s limping in.
  • pray4blank Posts: 135Subscriber
    I like some of the points here, and I think I might be more adamant about refusing to do rounds of Mississippi straddles from now on.
  • eyehaityou Posts: 285Member
    Same senerio but a pot limit game.
    You increase your ability to bet large in position with premium hands.

    Or build larger multiway pots with hands that make the nuts.
    Does a PL game change your thinking about this?
  • FreeLunch Posts: 1,305Pro
    eyehaityou said:

    Does a PL game change your thinking about this?
    Yes - its even worse in PLO, in many game types. If you can isolate pre a lot and still play decent SPR in position then sure, go ahead and MS, but the reality of most live PLO is that raising pre from the MS does not isolate so you end up playing a lower SPR spot where the villains are less likely to make postflop mistakes. And if you are in a game where you can isolate by raising the MS then you are also probably making a mistake in many spots because it's likely the people you just forced out are going to be making bigger mistakes postflop then they would have preflop (there is only a part of your range that is better isolated but many PLO MS raisers will iso with any good hand without understanding that range aspect)

    There is no advantage to "bet large in position" postflop if the SPRs go down. You still can never create a spot where the villain needs more than 33% to call but if you reduce the SPR you can create spots where an all in decision for the villain is much less than 33%.
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