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Crush Live Poker Podcast No. 264: "Value Techniques At Low Stakes"

BartBart Posts: 5,820AdministratorLeadPro
This week Bart talks about an approach to obtaining thin value at the lower stakes through a review of serval hands played at 5-5 $1000 cap at the Bicycle Casino.



  • QuantumSurfer Posts: 133Subscriber
    Bart, I haven't played commerce, but the 5/5 @ the bike also has these foreign regs come in. As of last week, there's a troop of Spaniards and a couple of British dudes clocking hours there. Perhaps it's bad luck, but I almost always end up at a table with these guys & since I don't like playing graveyard, there really aren't that many table changes I can count on. Furthermore, two Ukrainians recently got in. I played with them at the Bike once and heard them complaining about the issue. Now I see them at Hawaiian Gardens daily... another venue that had some Brazilian grinders over the summer, which have left this past week.

    Anyways, maybe it's not as bad as the 5/10 commerce, but 5/5 games are feeling that foreign effect IMO. Also, just for some thought, the 5/T at Hawaiian Gardens hasn't been looking particularly strong recently. Have yet to sit in it (or any 5/T), but the line up has really tempted me to take some shots.
  • JamesSuh Posts: 319Subscriber
    Hey Bart,

    Where can I find that song that's done by Squishy?
  • BartBart Posts: 5,820AdministratorLeadPro
    JamesSuh said:
    Hey Bart,

    Where can I find that song that's done by Squishy?
    You should ask @squishmytomato. !! I dig the song
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