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Tricky slowplaying idiots

FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 1,784Subscriber
I got this one casino here in Florida, The Isles, in which is so vastly different than any other casino I have run into. You have these older players who play hands in the most ridiculous way that it drives me to want to throw chairs at people. I always end up value owning myself vs these ass clowns. It's come to the point I am just not playing there anymore. This is 2/5. I don't even see this kind of stupidity at 1/2.

Example 1. 3 limps, I raise OTB AJo. I get 2 callers MP and CO.
FLOP Axxxx (texture doesn't matter).... X, X, I bet, call, fold
TURN X, I bet, Call
RIVER X, I bet, Call and he shows AK.
I scream!!!!!

Example 2. 3 limps, I limp OTB 8 6.
FLOP is like J 8 2 - Xs to me, I bet 1/2p, blinds fold, 1st field caller calls, 2nd field caller calls, rest folds
TURN 6 - Xs to me, I bet, 1st field caller min XRs, 2nd player folds, I call... I can't imagine what he is XRing here for value on this kind of board. This player doesn't have J6, J2, or 82 in his range. I suspect it is some draw + pair? I'll see what he does on the river, I call.
RIVER Q - XminRaiser on the turn bets 1/4 pot. I call...... he has JJ.
I scream!!!!!

Example 3. 5 limps, I raise from the blinds JJ $40. fold, fold, 3rd limper now back 3bs me all in for the rest of his $300. rest fold. Ok he was the 3rd limper. Ok I call. He has AA.
I scream!!!!!

Then on occasion I get this kind of stupidity.
Example 4. 3 limps, I raise TT OTB, 2 callers
FLOP T 9 3 - I bet, call, call.
TURN 4 - I bet, call, fold
RIVER K - a donk bet comes out for 1/3rd to 1/2p and I'm like WTF?!?!?!??!? I call and they got KK or AA block betting the river afraid of the flush

Example 5 of mind blowing WTF?
3 limpers I limp OTB A 9
FLOP A 8 6 - X, X, X, I bet, Call, Call just to my right, one fold
TURN 3 X, player donk bets 1/3rd pot, I think and raise since my kicker is above average this seems like Axs or some kind of draw which you NORMALLY see any any other casino. player donker better calls. Other folds
RIVER 3 X, I value bet the river a small amount and player calls. He has AK or AQ.
I scream!!!!

Example 6
4 limpers I X BB with 96o.
FLOP Q 9 6 - I bet all fold to SB who XRes me 2.5x. I call
TURN 8 - SB checks, I bet because he doesn't feel comfortable, he calls
RIVER 3 - SB now bets 2/3p. Did I misread him? does he have a better 2 pair? J T ? I call he has AQ and he bitches at me about my call. WTF?!

It's like I am in the twilight zone at this place. PBKC with it's over agro players, I can deal with. The Regs at HR I can deal with. The loons in Miami, I CAN DEAL WITH!!! But I can't deal with the Isles. Everywhere else feels like the games in California, just more passive.

Rant over. I had to get this out because I wanted to hit people with chairs this week. Who the fuck limps behind limpers with AA then calls a raise with other limpers calling between?!??!?!


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,377Subscriber
    Fuzzypup I feel your pain man. Haha. I love it.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 1,784Subscriber
    Move to new casino.... make $4000 in 50 hours of play. Not too shabby.
  • f0xr Posts: 37Subscriber
    These kinds of games make me want to quit poker. Frustrating thing is, it seems like there's very little profit to be made, even with all the terrible play. Every pot I'm not in is like 17 bucks, and then on the river these clowns show up with aces and kings.

    You can't win any money from even a whole table of bad players if they never put any money in the pot.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 1,784Subscriber
    You can win money at these games but you have to play very different. They are rare and it simply isn't worth the time to adjust. I gotta adjust online, I gotta adjust live. I don't want to adjust to a 3rd completely different game.

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