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Fast Track Poker No. 4: Flop Play

Craig Posts: 579Administrator
In depth look at Flop Play. Exploring playing the flop as the preflop raiser in single-raised pots, playing the flop in 3bet pots, playing the flop as the preflop caller.

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  • vandwellervandweller Posts: 5SubscriberProfessional
    edited March 24
    With your suggested flop betting ranges in the example hands, we've usually got between about a 1-to-1 ratio to a 2-to-1 ratio in favor of value combos vs bluff combos. Are we going to end up running out of bluff combos by the time the river comes, giving our opponent a chance to exploitively fold 100% to our river barrels?
  • KiLeeKiLee Posts: 115Pro
    No. Because our flop betting strategy is inherently strong, we can continue to barrel on many turns and rivers on a lot of different runouts on different boards. I do end up on the river with a robust bluffing range on a lot of configurations. And in live poker, it is acceptable and/or desirable to have more value combos than what optimal strategy might want. This is to exploit their leak of calling too much. We will still have a bluffing range, but our bluffing range will be narrower than what an optimal strategy might suggest.
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