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HORSE - best way to practice?

alambic49 Posts: 87Subscriber
edited November 2017 in Tournament Discussion
For my next wsop, I wish to include one horse event to my schedule. Unfortunately, I can't practice much.
I have a good grasp on the theory and read several books.

What would you do to study or train for this?

Also, according to you, what event has the best chance to get you a bracelet?
Obviously, the least players the better chance. Which makes me think that targeting events others than nlhe is a must.



  • Latrell1515 Posts: 163Subscriber
    Hey, my 1st ever WSOP event was the $1500 Horse in 2015-I studied my freakin ass off for it..If you have not order the Razz book that is available thru Amazon..sit at home and actually deal the cards out like in Razz and the Stud games and try and memorize the cards that are out..sounds silly but works..I lasted from 11 am and got busted rt at Midnight on the 1st day in like 203rd outta about 747 players and was very happy with my play and got busted my rolled up 2's in stud when I had K's and Q's which I was fine with...Read Read and Read some more and the levels are 1 hr long so also practice patience..It was shocking beyond belief how bad the players were at Razz..like unbelievable that they even paid the money up front to play..I have played around 12 LIVE Horse events between here Florida and in Vegas and made 6 final tables and bubbled 2.If u ever wanna chat Horse send me a message.Darren- I also feel my next WSOP event will be the Razz event since I feel I would have the best chance to get a bracelet
  • alambic49 Posts: 87Subscriber
    Thanks for the answer buddy. Since my message I bought several books. Studying stud and stud 8 pretty heavily.
    I am still debating what my schedule should be at the wsop. NLH is my specialty so I could play the marathon event but the field will be tough and I could play the 1500 stud and 1500 stud 8 the same week instead.
    Might have a better shot at a bracelet by doing so.
    See you around amigo
  • Latrell1515 Posts: 163Subscriber
    I feel the Stud would be one of the harder events for sure since those guys have been playing for soo many years and have seen alot of situations..I'd advise the Horse /Razz/Stud Hi/Low-check out the Golden Nugget's schedule also-they run some decent Horse Razz type tournies there also
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