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The Grind Poker Podcast No.45: A Tale of Two Cities and Dealing with Whales

Craig Posts: 493Administrator
In episode 45, Rob tells some stories about dealing in Vegas and etiquette at the table.

Episode post at 11AM PST.



  • Tinafate Posts: 6Subscriber
    Spot on! I played 10 20 at the Bellagio one Friday night during last WSOP. Was the absolute worst table ever. All young pros, three Euros, etc. I was clearly the only Rec player. I end up flipping queens vs suited AK for my stack and losing (he rivered the nut flush and still waited for me to show my hand....) Why play in that environment?!?
  • RobFarha Posts: 135Pro
    It's insane. Sorry to hear you had a bad time.

    The part that really gets me is that the experience could be significantly better by just doing normal stuff - like showing your hand on the river when you make the nuts against a recreational player.

    It's not something that takes too much effort, they also aren't giving away any information. Now they know you're willing to get it in with AKs against a rec player... great.

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