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$100 NL FR Ignition

FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,212Subscriber
Villian seems to be a good LAG 32/22 with a high fold to CB, balanced CB although high for his style, and a normal WTSD

V limps, 4 limpers, Hero Xs BB J 9

FLOP K J 9 - Hero bets 3/4p, V calls, MP calls, rest fold
TURN A - Hero bets 3/4p, V calls, MP folds
RIVER A - Hero bets 2/3p, V raises 3x....

Why bet river? Because if he has a J or a Q I am counterfeited. And at this point I really don't see him bluffing at this river because the A's don't make sense for him to bluff at. I couldn't put him on a value range or a bluff range at this point.

He called behind me with many people left to act. WTF is he calling here that he isn't raising preflop?
KK, JJ, KJ, 99, AK, AJ - all these hands he raises
QT - I think I would at least see a raise on the turn if he limped
A9s - Raise preflop? Of course why would he call the flop right after me?

The thing is what bluffs does he have?!?!? What is he repping.
T9s, QJ, JT, KQ all raise preflop.

Weirdest hand of the year for me. The only conclusion I could come up with is that he got tricky and limped with AA or he has A9s and just decided to float me. I knew when he raised I had to shove or fold. And there wasn't enough room to shove. My hand looks like QT in this case or worst KJ.


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,212Subscriber
    Next day I looked up the hand.

    The LAG has TT and my head exploded. I now understand what he was trying to do now that I see he limped with TT of all hands. I was so close to calling the raise. But I couldn't figure out a bluff range for him considering there was no FD on the flop and every hand I can think of that would play that board would raise or fold preflop. What got me on the raise is why he didn't raise more. He was giving me I was getting 2.5:1 to call. I think I outdumbed myself./spoiler]
  • maphacks Posts: 1,945Subscriber
    I think it's simply always QT
  • maphacks Posts: 1,945Subscriber
    you can't really expect him to just limp TT. maybe he bluffs QJ or JT but you don't beat that either^^
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,212Subscriber
    I thought he floated A9s which is the only hand to float XC twice with another behind him to act and me betting into so many. I just couldn't find a bluff range in this spot for him. If we were heads up on the flop I could construct a bluff range and I would have either bet small on the river to induce or XCed.

    #1 I wouldn't have limped TT UTG
    #2 I would have given up on the turn with the player behind still in the hand. He can easily have the nuts. I can have the nuts as well. So there is too much against floating to bluff hands that might exist.

    Dunno maybe he is thinking on a level above me. The alternative is that I gave him too much credit. Which is usually the case. I thought I had to shove or fold.
  • BlackpoolDonk Posts: 55Subscriber
    If he seems good he's probably raising flop or turn with Q10. I don't really like your river bet, since he's almost always calling river with any Kx since your KJ, K9, J9 value range is now counter fitted to a chop. If it's live 100nl the stakes are too small to expect a Kx fold on this runout.

    As played though I'm calling river, expecting to chop with 910 or J10 a decent amount. If he's a good LAG profile then it's not unreasonable. Kinda hard for you to be leading into all those players on the flop with any Ax, so he's more likely to bluff.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,212Subscriber
    That's the thing what is a good player continuing on that turn with? He's calling OOP vs the rest of the field behind him? At worse I have my hand. I almost called. If I suspected he was just a fish I would have called because then he can have some limping hands. But I didn't see this player make any mistakes for 90m.

    As for betting the river. I didn't think he had a bluffing hand or a nutted hand. But maybe a calling hand like a K which now counterfeited my hand for some reason. So he has a check back range which beats me. I have to turn my hand into a bluff in this case. I expected a fold or a call but not a raise.

    I just gotta stop overestimating these players. My whole time on Bovada I met one good LAG in several years. I adjusted and he readjusted to me. I maybe see 2-3 really good solid players at $100 NL per year for a period of time. Never @ $50 NL.

    But even so I can't give them full credit. If he was a bad LAG I shove bluff back.

    Come to think about it he only has one A9s here. That's it. Rethinking yes I should have called. He has exactly one hand. And if he has one hand I can put in the 10% spazz factor vs that one hand. I thought he had 3 hands vs 1 spazz.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,212Subscriber
    Usually I don't have problems with LAGs online. They are pretty bad.
    Live even the good ones I can figure out because these type of players are very emotionally invested in hands and they give away a lot of information. Vs a bad LAG it's basically close your eyes and call with a reasonable hand. Vs a good LAG it's simple ranging vs odds to call and knowing to either give up early or stick to your guns unless the board drastically changes like runner, runner SF combos, you have none, and it's very likely he has them.

    The toughest LAGs live are the overly aggressive young kids. They tend to be sticky so it's hard to bluff them. They call every single 3b. So you need to be patient. And they are difficult because you can't play your game when they are there. You have to play their game. Usually they are visitors from other countries. So here you have a combination lock that you have to solve. It takes time to figure out their game and exploit it. Usually they don't readjust. And the more you confuse them the more frustrated they get. But if they are visitors it just isn't worth the time and effort. I'd rather go to a different table.

    We have some regular LAGs here. I know how to deal with them because I have had time to take notes and study them.
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