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1/2 5 PLO8 we make 2nd nut low otr whats our play?

Beatsme Posts: 537Subscriber
1/2 5 PLO8

500 eff
Utg 15
Dave calls (loose sticky player)
I call A 2 K 5 from mp
Doc calls (loose and gambly. Will put money in light)

Flop (70) 4 6 T
Utg checks
Dave bets 35
i call
doc calls

Turn (175) J
Dave bets 90
i call
doc calls

River (450) 2
Dave checks
Eff stacks are 350ish for each player

How's my line so far?
Otr whats should be our plan when we get checked to? Better to jam it in to try and scoop whats out there or check and see what happens behind us?


  • chilidog Posts: 2,415Subscriber
    The only street that we could think about a more aggressive line is preflop. We have A2WB vs loose stationy opponents. Having a suited ace (or for that matter any suited cards) would be preferable obv.

    After the flop , I would take a pretty passive / defensive line as we have a very weak high draw (only gutshot with a flush draw on the board).

    In a multiway pot, I'm hoping the river gets checked down so we can cheaply show down 2nd low. I would think about calling a bet here from Doc but obv not thrilled about it since A3 got there and we have essentially no high hand. If Doc bets and Dave calls, I would strongly consider folding here.
  • BartBart Posts: 5,303AdministratorLeadPro
    Yeah if you were headsup on the river here time to pot to get a better high hand out. Occasionally you are going to get quartered but that 2 is such a bad card for someone leading with A2 an you might even get a small flush with no qualifying low that gets counterfeit to fold. With another guy behind you your just hoping that this one gets checked through. If you check and it goes bet and call, dump the hand. Bart
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