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New Member and first post: 1/2NL Maryland Live

300 max buyin and I have 300. Villain covers by about $150. Second orbit at the table and it's been a pretty loose passive game preflop. Lots of limping. Hero is in the SB with 7 7. There are 4 limpers, I complete and BB checks.

Pot $10. Flop is 7 J T

I lead out for $10 and all fold to cutoff who calls.

Pot $30 Turn A

I lead out for $20, hero calls.

Pot $70 River 2

I lead out for $40. Villain thinks for a minute or two and raises to $125. Hero???


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,742Subscriber
    I'd just call. I don't mind the line to much maybe we can raise pre but that's table dependent at 1/2.

    River is a call. I'm not raising
  • SyrianPony Posts: 12Subscriber
    That’s a frustrating raise but like Bart says, they don’t raise bluff on the end at this level. So what value hands are you beating? Possibly a two pair, but it’s a pretty ambitious raise with two pair with so many draws getting there. I’m leaning fold.
  • Jesse_The_Suit Posts: 492Subscriber
    Welcome to crush live poker.

    Now on the hand. I like your sizing and generally the way you played the hand. The river is sort of a gross spot, obviously. I expect villain to show up with a lot of jack x of hearts, as far as value hands go. I think at 1-2 this is never going to be a bluff, I.e repping a backdoor flush, but on a very rare occasion your villain might have an odd two pair. AJ/AT/JT, but I think you'd have heard from most of those earlier. Also could have flopped the joint with 89, or turned it with KQ. Probably going to be a fair amount of slow playing at this level with no front door flush.

    I am inclined to think this is a fold, even though you are getting pretty good pot odds. 235 for 85, but I think he is never bluffing and almost never has a value hand that you are beating. I might call, just because of pot-odds plus spazz factor, but it's hard to see how you can be good here.
  • JHR Posts: 3Subscriber
    Call and expect to lose. But you should be good enough here given the price
  • justfourfun Posts: 148Subscriber
    Very close but I would call. If you are good more than one in three times its a profitable call. Too many players raising in this spot with AJ or AT at this level to fold. Some really good players at 1/2 but the fish are more common. Without knowing more about Villian guess common fish not shark and call.
  • justfourfun Posts: 148Subscriber
    Plus a bluff here is certainly possible
  • fozbo Posts: 102Subscriber
    What Jesse says is probably correct your usually not good here, but the price is too attractive. Have to make a crying call here vs unknown
  • CycleV Posts: 641Subscriber
    Yeah the price is too good. We lose most of the time but I bet we win at least 1 time in 3. FWIW when doing calcs in me head I assign a spazz factor of 20% until someone demonstrates they may only be half as bad as everyone else, in which case we can lower it to 10% ;)

    Welcome aboard.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    easy fold.
    nobody in low limit games is bluff-raising rivers.

    V's either flopped or turned a straight - or rivered a flush.
    I don't like the bet on the river from oop.
    We've showed lots of strength for 2 streets - we're not getting called by worse.
    This is a classic "mistake" that I see players make... and I used to make myself a lot!...
    @MXRider take a moment and think what hands are you targeting?
    by that I mean, what hands do you think V has that he will call 3 streets and lose to your set?
    the only hands that make sense are JT, AJ or AT...
    if he's playing the suited kinds of those then we only beat 1 combo of JT, 2 combos of AJ and 2 combos of AT...
    that's really not a lot of hands that we crush.
    on the other hand, he can have KQ, 98 and J T which have us smoked.

    if you were playing WCG Rider - then you'd have to call cuz he makes all kind of crazy river moves with blocker and you're close to the top of your range. But in a typical 1/2 game where players are very value-oriented, I'd fold this and sleep like a baby.
  • IPIW247IPIW247 Posts: 91Subscriber
    I use to play a lot of 1/2, I think your decision is Villain dependent. I would most likely bet fold the river against a unknown unless I had a read. He could be clicking buttons but the villain took a min or two before raising and I do not see a lot of bluff raising at this level. This raise indicates he can beat 89 and KQ.
  • ohsnapzbrah Posts: 623Subscriber
    Entire line seems fine, especially river where most players are just check/calling instead of trying to eek out some value.

    River is a fold. Backdoor hearts get there, there are two possible straights on the board, and as has been said it's very rare that an opponent at 1/2 is going to raise river with a bluff when such strength has been shown.
  • BlackpoolDonk Posts: 55Subscriber
    I wouldn't be calling river here and I'd expect him to have Jhxh or 10hxh a lot. It's villain dependant but I always lean on the exploitative side when playing amateurs at 1/2 and 2/5. You just won't see a pair/gutshot type hand i.e. 910, 108, J9 turned into a bluff here very often at these stakes.

    I like the way you played hand, if villain is a nutcase I may call river, but most of the time fold.
  • MXRider Posts: 53Subscriber
    Thanks for the comments. Appears to be multiple thoughts on the river. For me, i just don't see river bluffs very often and let it go.
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