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WTF Hands that baffled you beyond explaination.

FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,546Subscriber
I'll start. I got 3 of them. 2 are online, 1 is live.

WTF #1 Online
Predictable Rec raises UTG, fish calls, I call in BB with 7 6
FLOP 5 4 Q - I take time and check on purpose, UTG bets 1/2p, fish folds, I XR, fish snap calls
TURN K - I bet out 3/4p, rec snap ships......... I know how he plays and he never has a set or a draw here. So I suspect he called with AK on the flop and hit his K, I got odds to call so I do. He shows TT and I lose. WTF?!

Almost same exact thing happened to my friend in Bay101 except he has bottom 2 pair with the exact same pair of TTs. My friend folded and the fish showed the TTs with 2 overcards on the board.

Hand #2 Live
Weak nit limps, I raise 8 6 in CO, unknown calls in SB, nit calls
FLOP 6 2 9 - SB looks as his cards and Xs, nit bets 1/3rd pot, I raise, SB snap calls, nit folds surprisingly.
TURN 3 - SB leads out small, I raise, SB looks worried and calls
RIVER 9 - SB checks, I highly suspect he has a hand like A 4 x or A 5 x they way he handled his cards, the play, the tells.

SB shows Q T WTF!?

Hand #3 online
I raise UTG Q Q, BUT shorty calls, BB station calls.
FLOP J T 3 - BB X, I bet 3/4p, shorty shoves, BB now back overships all in 100BBs.

I think for a while and fold. It's a protected pot.

Hands show. Shorty has AJ, BB has 9 2 WTF?!
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