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LATB biggest pot

i watched some of the LATB stream last night . Biggest pot ever to date 139k I am the last one to critique but Garrett Adelstein is a horrible player. 88 vs KK He tanked for nearly 20 min called shove and lost around 69k in total . What an idiot . I hear he accumulated his wealth from buying bitcoin when it was $1


  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    I'm not going to defend GA's play...
    but... what if he's not a horrible player?

    what if:
    he's doing things for a reason?
    there's a method to his madness?
    he's got reasons outside of just equity/odds for his play?

    what could those reasons be?

    Sometimes, reverse-engineering a winning player's play can reveal some interesting form that you might be able to use in your game.

    Watching LATB is typically better than watching ESPN or WPT coverage because you get to see the Meta and game flow that often informs how a player plays.
    study that... understand why GA made such a play - and THEN, you can criticize his decisions!
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