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mouth and ass odors at $1 $2 table at Borgata

i played for an hour or two at borgata yesterday then headed to work Could not take it anymore the stink from this guys mouth was killing me He was in his late 60s possibly older but who cares it was the stink that counts. The other guy to my right smelled like he hadnt take a bath or changed his shirt in 5 months. Do these people think its ok to wake up in the morning and not brush their teeth or ass and inflict this on helpless losers such as myself? On a side note bitconnect is where its at . Look into it please Forget the huge volatility swings of crypto. Bitconnect is the only platform where you can earn passive income (talking millions) while you sleep. You will dump poker and its brutal expected downswings. Why should anyone play poker if its inevitable that your gonna get crushed most of the time where the losing sessions far outweigh the winning sessions


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