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$1/$3 NLHE - nut flush vs straddle on paired board

Dynamics: I've been at the table a few orbits & have a neutral image. Table has been very passive so far - lots of limping with very little raising.
Opponent: unknown straddles UTG to $6. Middle aged guy. Haven't seen him play many hands.
Effective stacks: $325
Preflop: I limp in EP with A 3. (I didn’t realize there was a straddle otherwise I may just have folded). 3 others call & we are 5 handed.
Pot: $25
Flop: 6 4 6. Checked to me & I bet $15. Only the straddle calls. Pot is now $55.
Turn: 7. He checks. I bet $25 & he makes it $50. I decide to call. Wasn't sure what to do here. He could be full but he could also be overplaying a worse made hand like trips, a straight or a smaller flush.
Pot is now $155.
River: Q. He checks. I knew I had to bet here but wasn't sure about sizing. I wanted to make sure his worse hands call but was also knew I may have to fold if he makes a large check raise. His stack is about $260. I decided to bet $50. What sizing would you use here? Also what do you do if he leads the river for a reasonable amount? I don't think I'm ever folding but wondering if a raise would be an overplay?
Looking for thoughts on turn & river play. Thank you.


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    I would have bet big here. Think this spot where villain range is pretty strong than we can go for gold in these spots.

    His turn range has to include flushes and maybe straights and 6x even. I don't think a FH checks back river. We can bet small and get called by 100% of his hands. But think we can go bigger and be called ast high frequency as well
    by 1Rysher8
  • Rysher8 Posts: 234Subscriber
    edited January 2018
    Everything looks good up to the river. However, with his turn and river action, I think we need to be targeting a) a naked 6 or b) a worse flush. In other words he should be pretty strong. With that in mind, I might bet around 110. If he check shoves, imo you can fold, but I wouldn't expect him to have many boats when he appears to go into check call mode after raising turn.
  • pokertime Posts: 2,194Subscriber
    Agree with others. I would be betting a minimum of $100 here and bigger if I was aware of any V tendencies to pay off with any decent hand.

    If he leads I’m probably jaming give stack sizes but it depends on his sizing I guess and what I think he’s up to.
    by 1Rysher8
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