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1-3. Small flopped flush

markc75 Posts: 21Subscriber
edited January 13 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Villian, Older reg. Below average player for the level. Starts hand with 260. I cover.

4 limps to me and I call in hijack with 6s4s. Villian in CO calls as well as the button and blinds.

Pot 27
Flop. Js 10s 9s

5 checks to a guy on my immediate right who has been betting many flops. He bets 18. I raise to 55. Villian calls quickly.
All others fold, including the original bettor.

Pot 155

Turn. 2 c

With Villian having less than a 1.5 spr stack is there anything I can do other than bet enough to put him all In?


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,447Subscriber
    have to bet to commit everything now or enough on turn to make river an easy allin.
  • Beatsme Posts: 414Subscriber
    edited January 13
    He basically has 205 left in his stack. If he is older and not that good I don't think he will bluff us otr if another spade rolls off. I think we can bet 100 here ott and then shive a non spade river and check/fold a spade river.

    Shoving basically folds out most everything we beat and only better continues
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