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AK into a bluff? $5-$10-$20 Line check

BartBart Posts: 5,303AdministratorLeadPro
edited January 13 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Last night around 11PM at Hollywood Park. $2900 effective. Tables is great, a 9/10. Appears to be only one or two other decent players, V1 being one of them. Late 20s Armenian dude, but seems to be playing well, not really splashing. Hero has recently been 3 bet squeezing quite liberally but only because of card distribution.

Straddle from UTG.. UTG1 limps in, V1 in UTG2 raises to $100, MP1, a solid TAG calls, CO, younger dude that seems a bit clueless ($1300) calls, Hero in sb with A K raises to $500. Limper folds, V1 takes a long time and calls MP1 folds, CO calls.

POT: $1650 FLOP: J 4 4

Hero checks. V1 bets $500. CO folds, Hero calls.

$2650 TURN: 6 Hero checks, V1 quickly checks back.

$2650 RIVER: 2 Hero?


  • stayinschool Posts: 2,969Subscriber
    I like a shove, I think exploitively this is a decent spot to bluff, or at least around neutral and well within the theory and when those things are true i like going with it.

    We don't really have any worse hands here, blocking NF is important IMO because i do think some people will be too afraid to bluff turn and check back with the NFD. We can have at least JJ and AKdd here for value and maybe some other hands like AAd. Rip it in baby
    by 1KSM
  • pokertime Posts: 2,179Subscriber
    Maybe bet $1500? I feel like V went for one and done. I rarely play 5/10 so my sizing may be bad. I want to look value while still being big enough it’s hard to call with just J.
  • brick Posts: 105Subscriber
    edited January 13
    Shove and 1500, what planet did I wake up on? J/k just seems a bit excessive.

    I think you will get insta called by most pairs, because it's unlikely Bart would bet so big with JJ or a flush.

    I suppose 77, 88, 99, TT might fold if you bet big enough but I would lean towards check to see if villian bets, how much he bets, and how he bets. Probably hero calling this.

    Although I will admit I made a check call like this the other night and got owned by a decent player who bet big with a hand like 76 suited for value on the river and he got paid by me.
  • pokertime Posts: 2,179Subscriber
    Yea my sizing may be bad since I only play this level at WSOP if I go but I’m not giving up! :cool:
  • brick Posts: 105Subscriber
    I don't play this high either, just the occasional 5/10, so it will be interesting to hear what Bart has to say about this one.
  • Jesse_The_Suit Posts: 492Subscriber
    edited January 14
    Yeah, betting 1500 seems reasonable. You can leverage the fact that bet/check/bet is rarely a bluff. Also, it wouldn't shock me if he had the same hand. Shoving makes you look polarized, but this isn't an inherently polarizing spot, as you could have like a medium overpair or something. Shoving is repping like a full house or the backdoor flush.

    Never mind, maphacks is right. I lost track of our remaking stack.
  • maphacks Posts: 1,945Subscriber
    edited January 14
    seems ok. betting flop , shoving turn seems fine as well. TT/99/88 will fold a lot IMO.

    AP, shove the river, betting smaller isn't good IMO. I want to apply max pressure on his TT/99/88. having A helps a bit

    *how can we bet anything else than allin? we have 1900 left...
    by 1Bart
  • Beatsme Posts: 536Subscriber
    What value hands are we playing this way? We are trying to rep AKdd and AQdd? Seems we would barrel the turn a decent amount with these hands. I guess we could have JJ here as well. Shoving would defently look polarizing here otr.

    I guess if you think villain could fold a pp here then sure shove it in... just know we are not repping much. I mean would we play QQ+ like this?

    And the fact that you said hero has been pretty active due to picking up hands preflop the villain may think you are getting out of line which may lean him more towards calling.

    Overall not sure that I like this spot to pull the trigger. I would never do this in my games but that is because people call down in my games.
  • pokertime Posts: 2,179Subscriber
    maphacks said:
    seems ok. betting flop , shoving turn seems fine as well. TT/99/88 will fold a lot IMO.

    AP, shove the river, betting smaller isn't good IMO. I want to apply max pressure on his TT/99/88. having A helps a bit

    *how can we bet anything else than allin? we have 1900 left...
    Yea the only reason I would bet less is to make it look like value trying not to scare them with AI because we want a call. But AI is perfectly fine. With this V there probably isn’t a difference and he’s calling or not.
  • FriendlyFish Posts: 68Member
    I think we have a fair amount of value hands here on the river that plays a check call shove river line.

    AKd AQs, maybe even some A4/s54s in our 3bet bluffing range. JJ AA and KK we can definately take this line aswell. QQ a lil less likely since there are more over cards on turn and river to fade but not completely out of our range. Some broad way Jx combos aswell, maybe only AJ we would bet river tho.

    As for bluffs we don’t really have much that would check call this flop. Our bluff hands that call the flop looks like 1010 and AK only. But is villian thinking we are sick enough to turn 1010 into a bluff?

    As played I like a shove here, we have way more value hands in our range. We have a much bigger range advantage that arrives to this river. Villian probably only has 910 Q10 KQ K10 diamonds that are nutted hands that reach this river, but he might barrel half of those on the turn. Maybe some combos of QQ that he checked back turn but not much, ill give that 2-3 combos. His hand looks more like 88-1010, some Jx suited broadways, but again only a few of those since he most likely will bet those hands on the turn for the same reason as QQ.

    Preflop I would make it a lil bigger tho. 4x oop + 2 callers would be 600, plus there is 3 blind and utg limp so ill make it even bigger. Probably 650ish would be my standard sizing here.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 1,905SubscriberProfessional
    I'm thinking outside the box here - I'm prepared to get crushed...

    Can we bet smaller FOR VALUE? I mean, yes villain has some midpairs, but doesn't he also have some random overcards. Can we bet small, like $600? We're rarely going to get raised, and if we do we're liable to call down since his line doesn't make any sense. This is probably a terrible idea at this level, but why? How much worse is it than bluff shoving to fold some midpairs?
  • maphacks Posts: 1,945Subscriber
    what hands are squeezing pre, x/calling flop and betting river that he beats with AQ or worse? even though we are ahead sometimes, there is no way we can valuebet. you can argue that our hand is too much in between so that we shouldn't bluff sine checking has a decent EV as well (and bluff AQ only but it has basically the same SD value)
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