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Good aggressive play or a blind squirel finds a nut?

ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
So while I was waiting for the 2-5 game I played about an hour in what looked like a good brand new 300-1000 5/5 game. At first I was seated in between two profitable regs/pros.. I saw that another seat at the other end was open and I would have position on who I thought were the bad players. Glad I moved!

We have been playing for about a round .. I am on the button and there are a couple of limpers.. This is a straddle pot. I have about 500 and only one player has a little less.. like 400. and another guy has about 1000. I raise both limpers to 35 with AK.. only the ep player calls me.. pot has (10+10+10+70) =100...

Flop comes like 448 with two clubs.. and now the original limper bets 45... I see this as a block bet trying to draw to something.. he most likely has a flush draw.. So I raise him to 145. HE SNAP calls me.. no thinking just pushes those chips out.. I really don't have him on a 4 or a boat because players just check raise with that not lead ...

As hits the turn and now he goes all in. for his last 200 and change.. I snap call.. K d on river.. I say I have top two pair and he mucks.. I think with his turn play he thought he sucked out on me with Ax clubs or was bluffing trying to represent the ace..

anyways I am pretty happy with this play since so many players would fold to the raise on the flop.. it look just like a big pair given I raise pre..

well let me know whatch y'all think?



  • ILYA Posts: 129Subscriber
    I wouldn't raise that flop lead. He may not fold an 8. He may be leading with a four. If he is leading with a draw, you can call with the best hand. He is also not folding a flush draw to the raise if he decided to lead with it. So this raise is just high variance play against a shortstack, which is unnecessary. Also, if he decides to just shove 7c6c over your raise, you will be making an incorrect fold.
    A call on the flopfrom you will look sufficiently strong. He will most likely check turn unless he has a 4 or completes his draw.
    Also, what do you do if Turn is a Jh and he checks? Do you put him all in? What is he shoves, do you call with A high?

    I would like a raise if it was 842 rainbow. But on 844cc against a shortstack, you're asking for trouble.
  • chilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    Are you raising for value or as a bluff? AK is a bluff catcher otf unless you are confident villian has a FD and are comfortable getting it all in the middle. On most board run outs you are left with ace high.
    I would call and re-eval ott.
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber
    I read his small bet as either a draw... most likely a flush draw or a pair that beat the 8 .. I represented an overpair.. Would you play KK this way? of course.. His snap call made me think a draw for sure.. I was planning on getting it in on the turn with any card other than a club.. The ace was just icing on the cake... I think his most likely drawing hands are either 67, 75, Ax clubs.. I beat all those hands.. so why not raise?

    now if he had bet more say closer to pot instead of 1/3 pot then I would have probably floated.. See I see players generally bet more to "protect" their pairs against my percieved AK.. since villain ALWAYS have AK and nothing else..

    smaller bets especially on this board are designed to block the raiser from making a play .. thats why I raised..

    now maybe with his shorter stack I should consider that he could shove on the flop and now I have a pretty gross spot and I will have to stove against a range of above plus maybe 87, 89 clubs plus 99s.. I don't think he has 10s + because he limped and didn't reraise me...

  • SkinnybrownSkinnybrown Posts: 286Member
    I think you should raise more pre-flop.
  • Skinnybrown said

    I think you should raise more pre-flop.
    This. i make it 60 pre and fold flop.
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