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homegame 1-2, 10 Handed, eff.300.

RubberBand Posts: 3SubscriberProfessional

my first HH ever.

Beforhand. Sorry for my bad english. I´m not a native. I´m from germany. ☺

Homegame 1-2, stackes eff. 300. 10 handed.

The game is loose passiv with a lot of limps and calls PF.
Main Villian play more a loose aggro style. Cold call flops and turns As9h3c Tc with K3o. Or snapt PF 3b w/ 95o in BB when headsup. 3 barrelt sometimes with air or overpottet river as bluff, when draws are busted. He also make a lot of trash talk to confused people. Or say PF, he need a 3h and held a pair of 88.

Hero limp 66 in utg+2. 3 limps. Villian in SB callt. BB x.

Pot (12) 6 handed.

Flop: 4d6c7d. SB x, BB x, Hero bet 15, CO and BU call, Villian SB raist 68, BB fold.

Hero think for a while and pusht allin 300 with a set. Vilian say dont do it! 2 folds. Villian callt and ask me, whether we can „dealt it twice“. I say no!

Is this a good push from me? When yes. Why? When not. Why?

Is dealt it twice allways a opption again this kind of villain. Why?/Why not?

Result come later.

Cheers Torsten


  • BlackpoolDonk Posts: 55Subscriber
    Yeah, played fine. He can have a lot of combo draws on this board. 8d10d, 8d9d, Ad3d, Ad5d and you smash all 2 pair / 44 combos + will outdraw a flopped straight 1/3rd of the time. There's alot of bad turns for you and you want to protect your equity in the pot + a diamond turn might kill your action against any 2 pair hands.

    As for running more than once, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference, just reduces variance. I only do it to keep others happy, which is generally good for the game IMO. I'll never ask to do it myself though, shows weakness / fear of playing for stacks.
  • RubberBand Posts: 3SubscriberProfessional

    thank for your answer.

    When I put in villians possibility combos in PokerCruncher. Am I a big favorit on the flop. And my allin push is longterm +EV.
    I think he would raise PF JJ+ and AQs+.

    Hero hand 6h6c
    Villian 53o

    Flop: 6s7d4d

    When I break down the numbers of this, I got the follow result.
    Pleas correct me when I have done a mistake with this calculation of numbers.

    Pot PF (12)
    Flop action
    Hero (15)
    Co call (15)
    BU call (15)
    Villian x/r (68)

    Totall: (125)

    I push allin (285)

    Risk 285 to win 125 -> 2,28 to 1 = 1/ 2,28 = 43,85%.

    Total Pot 125 + 285(my allin)+232(villians call) = 642

    I have totally equity of 70,3% but I need only 43,85%.

    So my EV is longterm:

    EV = (70,3 x 642/100) – (43,85 x 642/100) = 451,32 – 281,5

    EV = +169,82

    738 x 868 - 277K
    746 x 1428 - 473K
  • pokertime Posts: 2,180Subscriber
    The shove is fine. I also think running it twice is fine. If this is a regular home game and they will always run it twice with you I do that to keep things friendly. It’s more important to be welcome at the game then have some killer crusher image. You don’t look scared, you look friendly giving some one a chance to chop when likely your ahead and can scoop. The main thing is stick to we always run it once. Some people will want to change it based on their hand and I won’t do that.
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