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The Grind Poker Podcast No.49: Looking at Live Tells and Gaining Information

Craig Posts: 756Administrator
In episode 49, Rob gives his thoughts on the (un)importance of live tells and some small tricks to get information from people.

Episode Posts at 11 AM PST.



  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
    Great episode rob....I’m working on my “baseline” lol
  • RobFarha Posts: 191Pro
    Drew5hark said:
    Great episode rob....I’m working on my “baseline” lol
    thank you!
  • PBJTIME Posts: 345Subscriber
    Rob please do not switch the format to a call-in format. I think it would be way too difficult to stay on topic and it would devolve into a hand history show. You’re doing a great job and I always look forward to your podcasts. I do enjoy your interviews. I know that you are stretching for topic ideas and sometimes you end up discussing the same concepts but many of those concepts are ones that some of us (me lol) need to be reminded of often.

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