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flop a flush, get raised on the turn...

Fish Fryer Posts: 161Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 game with effective stacks of 780 (me). V in this hand is a competent player that I have played 25-30 hours with over the past few months. He has only been playing a couple years, rarely seems to get way out of line and has approached me several times to get my opinion on hands that he has played etc... I know he studies the game and is trying to move up. I think he occasionally calls pf raises a bit light, but I still think he is a winning player. Onto the hand....

Folded to me in mp and I raise to $20 with KJcc. 3 callers including V on the button.

Flop (73 post rake and BBJ) 456 all clubs. The bb checks and I bet $60. Thoughts on bet sizing here? Everyone calls.

Turn (313) 2h The bb checks and I bet 240. lp player folds and V shoves and has me covered. bb folds and accidentally exposes 77 with the 7c. I have 460 left in my stack and the pot is 1013. I do not think V is bluffing. I do think that it is possible that he has a hand like 89cc and is shoving because he thinks I could have AA with the Ac. He could also have hands like AQcc, QTcc or smaller suited connectors. I'm not sure if he makes this play with a set. I've rarely seen him get way out of line.

So...what do you do?


  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
    This seems like a call all day. Villian can easily put you on an overpair with a club and is trying to protect a made hand like a set,flopped straight or lower flush. There are just as many hands he "could" have that you beat than the nuts...you lose to AQc(would villian 3 bet here?), ATc, A9c, A8c,A3c,A2c and 32c. You beat any hand with the Ac and a pair or straight draw, 76,44,55,66,76,65,64,54, 33 and 32...not to mention any other flopped flush (QTc, Q9c,T9c,98c,T7c,T8c)...If this is a reasonable range than it is not even close with only 460 to call to win ~1250 so 2.75:1...you are good well more than this here. IMO
  • ThehammahThehammah Posts: 7,090Subscriber

    This is a pretty tough spot. Since the flush was possible on the flop have you ever seen him draw to a straight on this kind of board? Have you ever seen him wait for a "safe" non flush card on turn before he makes a move? If either of these answers is NO then I am really hard pressed to put him on a flush that is worse than ours. I see so many players raise right a way when they flop a flush because they are always so worried you have the A and will suck out of them.

    Given he didn't seemed to be too worried about that and waited for the turn it just looks so strong.. Now if you have seen him do this with less than the nuts then I would agree with Drew that given the odd he probably has a smaller flush and you can call. Certainly not an easy spot.

  • ILYA Posts: 129Subscriber
    This is not a difficult spot. You get to put it in with well disguised second nuts. Every once in a while you just get coolered if that's the case here. But you should be good here Plenty.

    Flop: since everyone called there with worse (near dead) hands, I guess the bet size was perfect.
  • Drew5harkDrew5hark Posts: 578Subscriber
    This would be a much different situation if you were, say, 300 bbs deep, but I feel strongly that once the hand is at this point there is no fold here even against a competent and/or tight player. You said he is competent but that doesn't mean a nit or rock so there are definitely other hands in his range. I'm curious how you would play the hand 300 bbs deep if he raised to say 650?
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