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2/5 Line Check 150bb deep

TheHoffman Posts: 2Subscriber
edited February 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
This is one of those situations where I find myself lost. I just want to make sure it didn't butcher it.

2/5 at Horseshoe Hammond.

Hero is 35 white dude wearing a hoodie. I have been card dead for a couple hours so it appears like I'm playing very tight (if anyone is paying attention.) I'm in the HJ and have $800.

Main villain is 60ish Persian guy. He's limping a lot (40% ish) but he also raises and he doesn't always limp/call. He's built up a stack of about $2k. He just got back from a meal so he probably doesn't have a great read on me. He is in MP.

Folds to villain who limps. Hero raises $25 from HJ w/ A K. Button calls, SB calls, limper calls. 4 ways to the flop.

Flop ($100): A J 4
Checks to hero. Hero bets $55(?). Button calls, SB folds. Limper now c/r to $155. Hero calls(?). Button folds.

Turn ($410): 7
Villain bets $300. Hero folds.

I don't think he can be value-betting worse here. I imagine his value range for a c/r, bet line is AJ, A4, and 44. A7 is also a remote possibility. His bluff range could be big heart draws and combo draws. If I call the turn the pot will be ~$1000 and I'll have only about $320 left so I don't think I can call and then fold to a river shove. I think he's capable of making a move (especially given the button call on the flop) but I didn't think he would bluff enough to make this profitable. I thought my hand was too strong to fold the flop but maybe given this type of villain I can make an exploitable fold here?

Should this be in my checking range on the flop? What does our range look like here?

Thoughts? This is my first posted hand so go easy :)


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,842Subscriber
    Yea I might even fold on flop but other than that NH.

    Flop I would bet more with this many people. Hard for people to lay down Ax here. Easy 3 streets

    Size flop like 60-70 to me
  • DrSpace Posts: 716Subscriber
    2/5 Line Check In 3b Pot 150bb Deep

    not a 3! pot

    you played it fine.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    truth is nobody can tell you if you played it "correctly" or not
    but if you're folding AK here... then how strong does your hand need to be for you to call such aggression?
    2 pair? set? str8?

    I know many players in my player pool who would take advantage of a squeeze opportunity (after button called your c-bet) to bet hands like KQhh, QJhh, QThh, etc.

    if this dude has 2k and has been limping alot - and you've been there for 2+hours - you should have a good read on what he's capable of. here - he should be raising with JJ and AJ... so IF he's nutted, it's 44 (3 combos) or maybe A4s (3 combos)

    your betting line is fine (although I probably size my c-bet larger)
    your decision point/ leverage point is on the turn... you should either shove or fold here.

    unless the Persian guy has always showed up with the nuts earlier in such action - I'm probably shoving.
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