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2/5 at the zoo. Pro input here plz

FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
Table has been loose with average folding. Fuzzypup has been at table 30m playing only 2 hands. One which i got horrifically bad beat. Players seem to be looking to flop. UTG has been raising 30% of his hands. No one has 3b so far. There is a young player at the table who not only lookslike a wizard but is dressed like one in some weird purple hoody with 2 gold amulets. I look nitty.

ES $500

UTG raises $20. Wizard calls, LJ call. Fuzzy raises $110 with A J in CO. But snap calls. The rest snap call to my horror and surprise.

$550 FLOP - 8 5 6

XXX I felt betting $150 here will get through enough where it's a slight EV play. But with BUT snap calling $100 he has 50% more big pairs than AK in this spot. Most of everyone elses range should be paint as well.

But i cant do this kindof math at the table. Normally this is a check but these player seem to be clueless to bet size amounts. $150 gets AK and AQ to fold. Realizes my equity if called asi will get to see turn and river. But if players fold its is very likely they are folding my outs. All this and i have to get past the cold caller. If he calls very likely i am drawing to 2 outs as it's almost guaranteed someone has an ace according to their combo range


  • Beatsme Posts: 585Subscriber
    I personally would not raise this pre... I lean way more toward calling AJo in this spot. (And that may be a mistake of mine... interested to see what others think)

    OTF: I think its pretty optimistic about getting a cbet through 4 people on this board. Im prob just going to check here and see what develops. Stacks are also very short for the second barrel. You would only have 240 left and the pot would be 850 before you jam turn or river giving villain very good odds 240 to call for a pot of 1090.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    The idea was to take one shot at this. A $150 bet is considered huge to these guys. They think in absolute values clearly by their no thought preflop calls.
  • Letmewin1 Posts: 1,238Member
    edited February 2018
    Just check and give up multiway, any CB is burning money that you could put way into your retirement plan.
  • Sean777 Posts: 356Subscriber
    give up, of course, how do they consider $150 huge when they just snap called you for $110 pre? This almost sounds like a troll. The flop is $550 and you're betting $150, which is about a 1/4 pot bet in the hopes of getting what to fold, exactly? No pair is going to fold, no draw is going to fold, even if they think they are beat. You either jam it all in and pray they put you on AA(could work depending on your image, but not recommended) or just give up and don't put in another penny(recommended).

    I don't mind the 3bet pre however. But you are in fact bluffing with AJ, I'd rather bet something like $140-$160 and try to get it through pre, althought $110 isn't awful either.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    Well last night I worked out the details.

    If the preflop raiser folded and I had 4 field callers I could actually make the bet. They would all fold about 30% of the time considering this is a 3b pot. So $150 into $550 makes that a +EV play and even if I was called I had 6 outs because AK and AQ would fold.

    But considering that the CO fold called 2/3rds of his range are big pairs and only 1/3rd is AK. It is very likely one of my outs is dead in the other hands. So betting would be really bad. Only 13% of the time they all fold. The difference in the raiser's/cold callers, and the field callers ranges is huge.

    I ended up checking because that is how I felt at the table. I couldn't get through the CO often enough.

    Sadly the last remaining Ace came on the turn and I bet small got called by the CO and MP and I gave up after that because I knew I was beat. If the board hadn't been made already I would have checked. But these type of players will check hands like TT or QQ on that board fearing the straight. CO had AK, field caller had AQ.
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    i like your gumption and think your idea of a flop bet (as a bluff) isn't bad... but in my book AJos holds little value here.
    I'd prefer to be betting here with blockers like the A - I would also prefer a 1/2 pot bet (instead of 150) which threatens stacks more effectively and makes the table think that we're shoving any turn.
    I'd rather bet A K×, A Q× or A J× here than A J - because they have more barrelability.

    BTW - I thought YOU were in the CO with AJ! You mean Button had AK?
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    Yea but had AJ. Naw these guys were so bad i could bet $150 and get away with it.

    Later similar situation happened with the same players and i made a $100 bet with a pickedup draw OTT after xing the flop and thwy all reluctantly folded
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