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AK miss Oop in 3bet pot on dry board

1/3 $400 effective
Villain is late twenties or early twenties guy, open limps and plays pretty straight forward. 3 bet to 45 my utg raise with $200 total. I folded my 99 since his frequency until now was 0% so i basically put him on QQ+. Maybe AK but no evidence yet. He's definitely not the type to 4 bet KK or AK, has been running really good this session. Hero has a tightish image or maybe losing since ive lost some pots when i was ahead but never showed. Not talking to anyone just minding my own business.

Villain raises UTG+1 $20 after UTG limps.
Folds to Hero with AdKd in SB and 3 bets to $65.
Fold to Villain and villain pretty much snap calls,

Flop 874r no diamond. $135.
Hero bets to $60, Villain snap raises to $150, hero?


  • Sean777 Posts: 356Subscriber
    Definitely fold, and I would probably check fold on that board honestly. The only hands you're getting to call have you beat, and the only hands you're getting to fold you are ahead of already(random suited broadway cards, worse aces).

    You might consider a check-raise if you think that will move him off JJ or something.
  • Acidhauss Posts: 291Subscriber
    Pre I'd just flat - theres value in a poor player coming into the pot and having RIO odds with a weaker ace or king, and 3betting isolates you against a stronger range.

    On the flop I'd just check everything. UTG should be very pair heavy here, and you cant get better to fold except maybe 55-22 which will likely fold the turn anyway.

  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    CBet is thin, but probably fine vs this ABC guy who'll just ditch his overcards to a bet. I usually just give up (x/F) flop here OOP w/o backdoors, unless I think villain will let me get away with it more than I should.

    As played, easy fold. AA/KK/QQ are very possible, as is 88/77, & were unsure of our FE vs 99-JJ.
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