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5/5/T. Top pair & some short stack bloats a multi-way pot.

SB = $170. Fun player never folding pre. Kinda spazzy and a bit tilted at start of hand.

Main V = $745. ~50 yr old rec player. Seems to be on the more passive side without being ultra wide pre. At table for about an hour, has seen somewhere between 1/4 to 1/3 of flops. A few orbits prior I raised 20 OTB and he called in the BB. 687 rainbow flop. He check/calls me for $25. Turn's a J. He check/calls again for $55. River's a blank 6. He check/folds for $125, I muck.

Hero covers. Likely a TAG/Aggresive Nit image.

5/5 $600 cap game and UTG straddles $10.

Hero opens A Q $35 in EP, Main V calls in MP, and SB completes. 3 way.


A T 2

x, Hero $70, V calls, SB shoves ai $135 (no raise allowed), Hero calls $65, V thinks for a few moments and calls.



Hero? V has a bit over a PSB left @ $575.


  • MonadPrimeMonadPrime Posts: 803Member
    edited February 2018
    $175/fold. Jam river if called & it bricks. Wouldn't fault a jam or bet/call either though.
  • ActionTwin Posts: 146SubscriberProfessional
    If the board was more dry I would prefer a ~1/3 pot bet here on the turn ($175) then you can shove the river for less than half pot. This keeps his Ax hands in till the river and gives you the best chance at getting him committed to the hand and stacking him. If he shoves turn on a dry board I think you could fold.
    On this specific turn I like a shove because it makes it a mistake for him to call off with Axdd and club combo draws, and there's a decent chance he'll call off with those. The downside is it lets his weaker aces off the hook, but there are a lot of strong draws he can have here. The problem with betting smaller on the turn on a board this wet with these stack sizes arrises when one fo the draws come in on the river and you're oop. You won't be deep enough to bet-fold the river and you won't be able to extract any more value from Ax and you would be forced to check-fold. This would allow his draws to profitably call the turn.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,838Subscriber
    vs 50yo man? commit dude enough on turn to get him on river. agree with monad, could go slightly bigger on turn to say 200. Think a shove might be a little too big for me but I could see why we doing it.

    you ever think about doing the cool, blind shove before cards come out? Yea i wouldnt do it in this spot.
  • QuantumSurfer Posts: 138Subscriber
    Thanks for the replies, all.

    Hero ends up leading $250 and V instaships for $320 more

    Thought it'd be hard to fold for that price & V shows up w/ a set of 3's. Hero feels like a fishy spewtard.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,004Subscriber
    *Didn't read previous replies*

    I'd imagine we want to get as much value as we can on the turn. Ax isn't likely to call three streets, and of course you're not getting anything on the river from bricked flush draws. I'm liable to bet pretty large against this villain. I think a jam might steer him away, but I'm going large - $335 or so.

    *Read spoiler*
    I assume you meant set of 2s? Either way,
    tough one. Effectively 70 BBs deep, I'm not sure you get away from this. If you do, you're leaving value on the table against his range IMO.
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