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First hand of tournament, what to do differently??

2 related hands here. Monthly home game tourney and all players are well known.

1st hand of the tournament: 50k starting stack $40 buy-in home game. Villan is well known, good player but can be very loose at times.

Hero is MP3 and is dealt 5 5

UTG raises to 600, 3 callers to hero who calls. CO, HJ & button fold, leaving Hero in position

Flop comes 2, 5, 10 :r: and checks all around (The checks went fast, felt weak so didn’t raise... a mistake right?)

Turn is K, checks to Hero who bets 3000, folds around to MP2 Villan who calls

River is 4, Villan checks, Hero bets 5000.

Villan calls with A3 for straight.

I feel like I played this right against most villains. Did I play it bad or did he play it bad and get lucky? This same Villan took me out 30 min later:

- - - -

Hero’s stack is 25,500 and is dealt K Q in the cutoff. Checks around Hero raises to 1600 and gets 3 callers (button folds)

Flop comes Q 7 4

Checks to Hero who bets 4500, folds to (same) Villan who calls

Turn is A Villan checks, Hero bets 5500, Villan calls

River is 8 Villan checks Hero shoves with 15.5k

Villan calls, shows 88

- - - -

I realize I was weak but read on Villan was very strong... there was no way he had the flush and I don’t typically take that line without the flush. That said, I’m thinking I was too aggressive too early (this line might have been better later on in the tourney?). I’d love any input please and thank you!!


  • Fletch23 Posts: 112Subscriber
    edited February 2018
    On the first hand I’d have bet the flop just because you have position. A bet there doesn’t look strong. Looks like a steal. So you get money in the pot without scaring anyone. As played, just bad luck. He bet with 4 outs and hit.

    On the second one, that’s a pretty thin value bet on the river. If you know the Villain well enough to think he’d call down and pay off a big bet with QT or something, then ok. But more likely he’s either missed a draw and has nothing or maybe has the A with a bad kicker, so now he has you beaten.

    (Also, you never say what the blinds were)
  • Fletch23 Posts: 112Subscriber
    edited February 2018
    Also, Villain doesn’t seem too good at poker. On the first hand he check-called with the nuts on the river. Pretty loose calls on the second hand. I hope he at least had the 8 as one of his 8’s.
  • clay107 Posts: 11Subscriber
    Sorry about that: blind for the send hand we're 200/400.

    On the first hand my read was that he had a piece, middle pair maybe but they way he kept checking I really thought top pair was good. I agree I should have definitely bet the flop, that one is bothering me. Other than that I agree the first hand was just bad luck.

    On the second hand, after some reflection I also agree the bet was way to thin considering my tournament life was at stake. One of his 88's was not a which makes it even more sick. That said, the spot just felt too good not to bet and with the amount in the pot I thought the shove made sense. If a 4th comes I think I check it back every time worried about the A being out there.
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