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How To Play Deepstack Vs Spazzy VIP?

Here are my notes on this particular player:

Calls wide pre, calls vs 3bet
will call down light with top pair
Tilt prone, will spaz all in, especially pre-flop
High cbet and dblB%
Likes to attack weakness
Limp rr QQ+ occasionally
Capable of large river bluffs

Game is 1/2 500$ cap w/ tablestakes (can match big stack). 5$ straddle on every other hand.

Here are a few quick examples of hands I played with him last saturday.

1. 400$ effective

He opens 15$ one call behind I raise to 60$ in BB w/ AKo
He shoves 400$
I call and he shows J7s

2. 1250$ effective
straddle on

1 limp, I raise utg +2 w/ AKs to 20$
He raises to 150$ on the btn

I go all in
He snap calls for 1100$ more w/ A2s

3. 1800$ effective
straddle on

two limps to him.
he raises blind on the btn to 35$ one call in SB
I look down at a very timely AA in the BB and make it 175$
one of the limpers calls behind?? (600$ effective with him)
He goes all in on btn
after hand he showed a 4 of diamonds.

I am wondering what range you think I should be getting it in with him when we are 500bb+ pre? I was thinking AJs+ and 99+ but maybe this is not wide enough. He is not playing to well post flop either bluffing/spazing all in way to frequently and calling down to light, so maybe it is better to find a better spot post than push some marginal hands vs him pre.

On a side note he was trying to get the table to move up the blinds to 2/5$. When he suggested this I supported his decision vocally, thinking that larger blinds would mean larger pots = higher hourly for me. After thinking about it though maybe his mistakes are so huge when we are deepstack that it is better to keep the blinds lower.

I play in an area with a relatively small player pool and end up playing with this guy 1-2 times a week. He is Usually buying in deep and reloading often whether we play 1/2 or 2/5. He plays so differently than most players that I am not sure how to play against him. In these few examples I think my hands were so strong that they pretty much played themselves.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or advice



  • QuantumSurfer Posts: 138Subscriber
    I mean, if you know the types of hands he'll stack with, use an equity calc to create the widest superior range you can.
    Stack off with that, I suppose.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,838Subscriber
    sounds more like a question of risk aversion and variance.

    depends on your roll here i would assume but im a rec with a job and I dont care if guy i shoving randoms, Id want a fair bit of equity before piling in 300bb+ preflop.
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