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Live Poker HUD Tracker App Challenge

TravisSun Posts: 33Subscriber
edited February 28 in Poker Goals and Challenges
I would like to develop a IOS/Android app to keep track of preflop stats such as VPIP, PFR, 3bet% etc. Basically for each hand, users can update preflop action by simply tapping the player's seat symbol to switch that player's action(fold, call or raise), then preflop stats will be updated accordingly.

The idea is very straightfoward but i find it useful to help players like me who sometimes not 100% focus on player types and miss out information during long session. And I don't see any poker tracker app has this function yet.

Do you guys find it helpful to have such app? more idea would be appreciated.



  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 747Subscriber
    Take a look at donkeytracker. I am sure people will laugh at me but i do use it and find it helpful.

    Their UI is very clean, no wasted key strokes. Your app needs to be as good as theirs.

    The only track vpip/pfr. Your app needs to track more. See donkeyscope for stats to track. But their UI sucks, its unusable.

    If u can give me donkeyscopes stats with donkeytracker UI i will buy.
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