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Old man Bright quite a sore loser

Bob Bright is the biggest sore loser. When he was getting his ass handed to him in a recent NL $200 $400 cash game on Poker After Dark he stayed silent . When Garret lost two mid sized pots to Bright Garrett gave him two fist pumps "good hand" Bright smiled and fist pumped back like he didnt even know what the hell it was considering how old he is. Do you think Bright would fist pump Garrett if he lost a pot? Hell no When Garret lost a 100k pot to Bright he refrained from fist pumping Bright I was thinking to myself "Its about fuckin time he used his head " In my opinion i wouldnt have fist pumped that depressing old man even once and Garrett gave him 2 yet? When i play cash games i never ever fist pump my opponent after he beats me in a pot let alone tell them nice hand/ They just took your money why should you give them any credit period? Thats just me. If you subscribed to poker go its on Poker after dark Dead money part 1 or 2

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