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5/10nl 300BB's

Collecting_Tax Posts: 177Subscriber
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

$3,200 effective

Villain- super aggro. raising and 3betting with an above avg frequency. pretty clearly has a reputqation amongst the regs as a wild man. Have only been playing with him for about an hour but every time a hand goes to showdown where big money is involved he has the goods. His very first hand he felted a 100bb stack with AA and then the very next hand he felted a 80bb stack with AK v KK flopping an ace. all the money went in pre. I have not played any hands of significance with him up till now.

Hero- TAG winning image. Complete unknown to villain.

Villain opens UTG+1 to $40
UTG+2 calls
SB Calls
Hero in the BB makes it $200 with AclubAdiamond
Villain calls
+2 folds
SB folds

($480) Qheart4heart9spade

Hero bets $275
Villain calls

($1,030) Tspade

Hero bets $475
Villain raises to $1225
Hero calls

($3,480) 9club

Hero checks
Villain shoves


  • ILYA Posts: 129Subscriber
    It's hard to say. I don't think the river changed anything.
    To me, the turn is either ship or fold. You were either beat on the turn, or you're still good on the river. As played, you're kinda in no man's land with less than half the pot size stack left.
    As I see it, the turn probably has to be a bet/fold unfortunately. As an unknown, you're representing what you have, an overpair. I don't know that even a super aggro 5/10 guy will try to get you off of a face-up overpair in a bloated 3bet pot. So I lean towards folding turn.

    p.s. another way to say it is, for that turn raise to be a bluff, you've gotta be on some levels with that guy, which you explicitely say are not there.
  • garagamaster Posts: 38Member
    First of all, you shouldn't be playing your range face up on deep stack NL if your opponent is not a retard, and especially if he is aggressive. Limon covered really well this subject on an early SOP episode. Secondly, people don't get out of the line bluffing unknowns on squeeze pots that often, even the laggy guys. It us really tough to get 300bb in with a single pair and be good. If he's laggy, he can have any set, he can have floated you with KJ, he can have T9s.

    Yes, he can have a lot of combo draws, but you don't know how often he is gonna try to take you off your hand after you took such a strong line. I always give credit to people I don't have any history with unless I have heavy evidence to convince me otherwise.

    As played, fold the turn...

    I would have probably check called the turn, and maybe led river depending on the card.

    Shoving the turn is probably only good if he would semibluff his entire range. And that is rare man.
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