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Facing 3-bet Shove with Rivered Straight

BluDevil22 Posts: 14Subscriber
edited March 9 in Tournament Discussion
Hey guys, here is a hand I played last night in a local $100 freezeout. I end up facing a pretty gross shove on what I thought was a gem river card for me. Let me know what you think regarding my line/sizings, river decision, etc.

Level 3: Blinds 150/300

The table is weak/passive and I have been ramping up the aggression in position and getting involved in a lot of pots. My stack is roughly 18.5k.

Folds to SB (fishy local on a heater, hasn't lost a pot, covers me) who completes. I look down at 7 ♥ 8 ♥ and I decide to check. I considered bumping it up here, but I am comfortable playing this hand fairly deep and in position against this opponent.

Flop(600): 7♣3♠6♥

SB checks. I bet 500. SB calls.

Turn(1600): 7♣3♠6♥5♥

SB checks. I bet 1500. SB calls.

River(4600) 7♣3♠6♥5♥9♣

SB tanks for 15 sec. and bets 2500. The bet seems defensive, like a disgusted 2 pair or set trying to see a cheap showdown with a blocker bet. The only hand I am behind is (10 8) and it is unlikely he has that because I block 8s and he would have to call both flop and turn bets with a gutshot. With my LAG image, I figured I could generate some value with a raise on the end. I make it 6000.

SB tanks for 30 sec and makes it 20k. So, pot is 16,600, my remaining 10.2k to call. I go into the tank and tell him if he has (10 8) it's gross. I call.



  • justfourfun Posts: 153Subscriber
    There is just no way you can fold on this river. If V has the T 8 then he gets your chips. I am conservative in tourneys - always more concerned with downside risk than upside risk. My mantra is a better spot is just around the corner, be patient. Well... this hand and your river re-raise and river call are one of those “better spots” that we wait patiently for. The V river shove in this hand is usually a bluff by a novice player unaware that their bluff makes no sense. If you had described V as a good player then maybe V has an 8 and is trying to get you off your 8.
  • justfourfun Posts: 153Subscriber
    Hmmm... now I am having second thoughts. T 8 could be possible. “Fish on a heater” could float the flop thinking he has 10 outs, then call open ended with two overs and a 9 for the nuts on the turn. With your aggressive image he puts you on big cards - air. Ok, so i change my mind. Better to be more conservative and flat call his 2500 river bet. But, as played I’m still calling river shove.
  • sivaddivad Posts: 304Subscriber
    edited March 11
    Pot should be 4,600 (river) +2,500 (v bet) +6,000 (your raise) +13,700 (v reraise) = 26,800 and 10,200 for you to call, correct?

    You are getting about 2.62 to one so you need about 27.5% equity. I think a lot of the time you will be chopping (although not as often as you may think--maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of the time), a good portion you will be losing to 10 8, and about 2-3% of the time it will be pure spazz by the villain. Equity-wise this would be really close, but I would probably let this go in a tournament because of ICM and call in a cash game.

    For the same ICM considerations, I would probably look to just flat call the river.
  • BluDevil22 Posts: 14Subscriber
    sivaddivad said:
    Pot should be 4,600 (river) +2,500 (v bet) +6,000 (your raise) +13,700 (v reraise) = 26,800 and 10,200 for you to call, correct?
    Yes, you're correct. My mistake. I am getting roughly 2.6:1 on the river call. I considered flatting the 2500 river bet, but thought I was missing value against sets and two pairs which might have a hard time folding to my raise, especially against my LAG image.

    I guess I want to make sure there were no logical inconsistencies within my train of thought on the river and I was thinking through the situation correctly(i.e. I put villain on two pair/set and raise for value, and therefore am never folding to a 3-bet, or I am 2-bet folding because villain is never bluffing once I raise, or villain shows up with enough (10 8) in his range where I should just flat his original bet).

  • Fletch23 Posts: 112Subscriber
    My first thought is that your bets on the flop and turn are too big. You are creating a giant pot and only getting called by hands you don’t want to call.

    Also, in general anytime a villain makes a clearly negative display and then bets or raises, it’s almost always terrible acting and they have a very strong hand.

    Problem here is this guy may have the same straight as you and think it’s the nuts. I would have just called his bet so as not to get into this situation.

    As played you probably have to call
  • beauregard Posts: 1,592Subscriber
    the flop bet is a bit too large for my liking
    but on the turn - I like a 2/3-3/4 pot bet with all the extra equity we pick up
    on the river - we should just call

    my reasoning for this is the same reason why we open for 2.25X and typically bet 1/2 pot on most streets:
    in a tournament, the chips lost are MORE valuable than the chips won
    we want to take as much luck/variance out of the equation as possible - so we try to keep pots small unless we have the immortal nuts
    on the river - we've got the second nuts... it's a flat call

    also - V has taken the classic possum-that-wakes-up line which is always trouble..
    he check/called flop, check/called turn and then SUDDENLY bets the river!
    since we've shown nothing but strength... do we really think this is a bluff line?
    do we think he's doing this with a 4?
    he's either got an 8 or an 8T....
    call the 2500 - live to fight for another pot
    don't take cash game lines in tournaments.... survival is critical to cashing

    besides - if he doesn't have T8... is he really going to call our river raise with a worse hand?
    imo, the river raise is a bad bet. we just got too enamored with our hand and gave no consideration of "what if" V raises? what if he raises?? - we must fold.
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