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5-10-20-40 NL With Polk and Tonka (recently posted in NLHE, meant to post in here)

Deadbabycletus Posts: 3SubscriberProfessional
*This hand took place at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh when Doug Polk and Tonka were in town for The King of The Hill event. We were playing 6 handed with a full time $40 UTG straddle, for a total of four blinds. (Obviously this hand is from months ago but i'm new to this subscription and have hands saved).

Hero: 7k
SB: Lag fish - 7k
Tonka: Covers

Pre flop:
Hero is $40 straddle with TcTs

Tonka "UTG" 140. SB calls. Hero calls straddle.

*If i 3bet pre and get 4bet, i'm not folding to either villain and will be getting it in pre if facing a jam. I don't really expect folds from either player (once Tonka calls, SB isn't folding much of anything) and so instead of going 3 ways to the flop with TT in a bloated pot with a very good player in position, i decide to flat. I think mixing in both flats and 3bets with this hand is fine. My 3bet sizing would be around to 700.

Flop ($420) KK4r
SB checks, hero checks, Tonka cbets 125. Sb calls, hero calls.

*I don't see anything else here making sense - never donking this flop and check raising makes zero sense.

Turn ($795) Qcc
All three players check.

*The Queen of clubs brings in a backdoor flush draw. Again i check because leading makes zero sense. I would expect Tonka to continue betting (most) of his kings. He would probably check back some flush draws that he would hate to have to bet fold to a large raise (a trapping king). I also don't think he would check back QQ here. He would maybe check back KQ so that he has at least some kings in his checking range here.

River ($795) Jccc
SB checks, hero checks, Tonka bets 600, SB calls 600. Hero raises to 2800.

*With the King, Queen, and Jack of clubs on the board, and me having the Ten Clubs, I block a fair amount of flushes (as well as straights). However, say Tonka is betting the nut flush (he Could have A2-A9cc) and he faces a raise - I'm never raising a weaker flush here for value and so I'm repping boats and bluffs - I have some KQ, and mostly all KJ in my range. As for bluffs - i'm not sure exactly what kind of bluffs he would think I have here - I could float flop with backdoor straight/flush kind of hands closing the action OTF and getting a good price, but i would have to then take those and turn those into bluffs. And i'm just not probably doing that very often.

I also feel as tho my raise looks stronger once the SB calls and sandwiches Tonka a little bit. I have played with the SB a lot, and he just never has any nuttish hands here and i'm not worried about him calling my raise.

I believe that my raise can get Tonka off flushes and trip kings that he decided to check back turn with and go for value OTR once it checks to him again. Say he cbet the flop with a hand like 56cc (which i believe he's cbetting most his entire range on this flop for a small sizing, it would make sense to check back turn once he's called twice and then go for value with a bet fold in mind OTR).

As stated, i think pre flop can sometimes be a 3bet, but that flatting is fine. I also think flop and turn are each very standard - and so the main discussion is what we decide to do on the river. Any opinions are appreciated.


  • Superfly Posts: 184Subscriber
    DBC, I wouldn’t give you credit for KQ or KJ after u check back turn. I would expect you to bet those for value/protection. Also doubt I would fold a flush to you. Board blocks you from having nut flush unless u called with suited wheeled A from SB. And do you 5x reraise OTR with T high flush? I would be skeptical. If you’re going to bluff, seems like starting OTT would be better option, double barreling on blank rivers. That said, Tonka has to make decision with another player behind him, so might fold any non-flush hand. My 2 cents..did it work?

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