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AKs 3b from the SB

OMGitsWorm Posts: 183SubscriberProfessional
$5/5 Effective $650ish
In this game people don’t fold pre.
Hero winning reg and playing tight. But that means nothing to bad players..
V-loose pre calls everything.

$180 stack opens to $25 in mid position and V calls in the CO.
Hero-3b to $100 AK
Short stack calls and V calls..

I don’t Cbet every flop if I miss multi way with AK. Is it weak to to 3b and check and give up so often as that’s what I have been doing in previous sessions?

Pot $300
Flop 10 7:s: 7:d:

I Cbet $150. I’m sure why as I’m so tilted atm or if I should be Cbetting multiway but I do feel my hand can still be good on occasions.

Short stack calls his $80 and V calls.

I think he can have hit the board here or possibly have some draws or a pocket pair. I think I’m in front of thebshort stack.

I have made up my mind not to continue if I don’t improve now.

Pot $540 Side $140
Turn 8:h:

Hero checks and V checks. I am expecting him to bet all value hands here except maybe a boat.

River K

I bet $200. V thinks for a bit and goes all in.
I have $240ish left over.

Any advice on this hand would be good
1.should I have checked flop given I missed? Maybe the short stack would of shipped it then I can see what V does?

2. Should I fold river I knew I was bet and even said you must have 7 or 10’s full.

How do improve as I’m getting smashed be terrible players atm



  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,752Subscriber
    I would have made the 3! bigger pre, if we had 0 callers than i think 100 works fine.

    AP, with the short stack, i think we should go for a c/r and if villain shoves over that then easy fold haha

    CO range includes 7x and TT.
  • OMGitsWorm Posts: 183SubscriberProfessional
    I do feel I should of just raised to put the short stack all in.
  • kaboojie Posts: 209Subscriber
    OMGitsWorm said:

    1.should I have checked flop given I missed?
    I don’t think it’s as simple as check when you miss. I think there are 3 main factors to consider here:

    1) Number of players in the pot. With two other players in the pot, I think we can still value bet somewhat wide and add in a few bluffs. Once we get 4 way and beyond, we have to bet only premium hands and look to cut out bluffing. The more players in, the less chance we can get them all to fold so with three or more opponents in, be very careful.

    2) Our equity in the hand. With a BDFD, BDSD and two overs, we have decent equity here. Certainly enough that I would never fold to a reasonable sized bet. I would hold off on Cbetting here though due to factor 3.

    3) Is the board favouring our range or our opponents? I would suggest looking at Ki’s post flop video for some insight on this. Additionally, I’d suggest doing some homework with Flopzilla, if you haven’t already. Practice how your range (in a certain position) does vs our oponent’s calling range from their position with different board textures (2 high 1 mid, 2 mid 1 low, 1 high 2 low, etc) After doing so, I think you’ll find this board favours our oponents range more than ours and therefore should be checked quite often with the intention of calling any reasonable bet.

    If played this way, I am probably giving up on the turn if V is betting.

    If we get to the river and it has been checked to this point, I’d def bet when the K comes.

    AP - It would be hard for me to get away for my last $240. I would just shrug call.

    I get the impression you are somewhat frustrated on knowing when to Cbet. If so, I would suggest practicing what I mentioned and having a look at Kis post flop videos, if you haven’t already. For the range vs range stuff, there are a few options available, but I like Flopzilla with the HoldEq ad on (it’s free when you purchase Flopzilla and there are tutorials on YouTube for setup and use.)

    I hope this helps.

    Good Luck!

  • OMGitsWorm Posts: 183SubscriberProfessional
    Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. And looking into my study away with Flopzilla.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,081Subscriber
    First - I would 3bet pre to 180 to put shortie AI.
    As played I would not c-bet this board - I don't see a point, especially with the short stack there.

    After you get called on that flop, I def like the check on the turn.
    River K is kinda dicey given the stacks and protected pot.
    I would still bet but way smaller.
    We're basically targeting a T, so I think a bet of $100 maybe $125 is in order.
    It's a 3bet pot, so after you bet the flop and get called we're hoping that V "put us on AK" and can't fold TP, well AK it just came in on the river, so it's very hard for him to call anything sizable. :frown:

    As played, I toss in a call due to ridiculous odds, but we're beat most of the time :frown:
    I think we can bet/fold $100 on river though :lol:
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