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1/2 The board is a chop, can I make a move?

psi1122 Posts: 127Subscriber
edited March 14 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Hero- Has a bit of a relatively neutral image, maybe a little bit on the tighter side.

V1 SB- recreational player on the more aggressive side, but not too much history with him.

V2 BB - Active/relatively aggressive villain, generally does not play very passively, is willing to play draws aggressively, and is capable of barreling a little bit.

Shorthanded table
I open A K UTG+1 to 11, and both villains call. (slightly larger becuase table is a looser)

Flop is the T 8 7
SB/BB check, I check behind (can't really c-bet here)

Turn is the 9
SB/BB Check, I check behind (maybe I can try to rep a jack but whatever)

River is the 6
SB/BB check, Hero?

I can't really rep that many combos of Jx reasonably here, (AJ/KJ/QJs/ probably bet the turn, pocket JJ/JTs/J9s probably bet the flop.)

However, in this situation, when both villains check to me, it looks like their ranges are really capped, and almost no one will check a Jack 3 times on the river (and hero doesn't really have a bluffy image, or even an aggro image). So can we try to "freeroll" here? We probably have to overbet the river.
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