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Line check 1/2 5 PLO8

525 eff
I limp along A 3 6 9 from mp
5 way to flop

Villain is loose preflop for a limp but tighter when he starts to put money in. Capable of betting big with 1 way hands in an attempt to scoop the pot.

Flop (25) 2 4 T
Vince bets 20
I call
Turn (65) Q
Vince bets 60
i call
River (185) A
Vince bets 150

Is my line too passive with this hand? If we are raising better to do it on the flop or turn?

River we make second nut low but wheel is out there now. Do we call river?


  • BartBart Posts: 6,055AdministratorLeadPro
    I think its fine to play this pot as a pull hand. Yes you probably have decent equity vs any hand but I would rather make my low or straight on the turn and then start piling.

    River I think is a fold. You say that the villain limped from up front but is tight when putting money in. Usually this is going to be a flop bet of A3 and something, or a hand like TT and something. When the river comes an ace (which counterfeits A3) and he still bets its very logical that he has A35. But even for some reason if he doesnt have a wheel, you are never going to scoop with a call so your pot odds are $150 for $87.50 or laying almost 1 to 2. I don't think that you have half the pot here 60% of the time or more to make this call.
    by 1DrSpace
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