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LMAO, crazy hands back to back

Ok, this is crazy. I have never seen anything like it, let alone experiencing it myself.

I was playing 1/3 $500 max bet.

I opened from MP2 with A A for $16 --- stack $300 (just sat down with max buy in)

everyone folded to the BB, called. V stack $120

Flop: Q 7 2 ($36)

V checked, I bet $30, V checkraised to $104 all in

I thought for 20 seconds and reluctantly called (I had no history whatsoever with V),

he showed 5 9 for a flopped flush

My pocket AA was almost dead (3% equity, needed runner runner full-house, I didn't have an A of hearts)

turn A -- I said, PAIR THE BOARD!!

River Q

LMAO!! my 3% hand won!

The very next hand:

MP1 opened to $16 (stack size $600, covered me)

I called from HJ with K Q (stack size $420)

everyone folded, heads up to the flop

Flop: A Q Q ($36)

V checked, I bet $30, V called

Turn: 7 ($96)

V checked, I bet $85, V called

River 7 ($266)

V put me all in for $283

I snapped called thinking we're chopping with a Q

V showed A Q


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