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Facing Donk Bet Turn W/ TP

SofaKing Posts: 8Member
edited April 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2-5 game late night (2-3 am) game 7 handed going due to maniac at table and a couple calling stations. Hero’s viewed as tight but running bad in most pots. Hero is in for 1500. Villain in hand is capable of making plays in hands, but is very sticky and doesn’t raise much pre at table. Recently called hero on river with KQ for 220 on 27AK5 board when hero had 79.

Effecctive (875)
In hand SB(Villain)/BB/UTG and MP Limp hero OTB raises to 25 with K J all call (4 to flop). Flop (100)K Q 3. Check to Hero who bet 50. Villain calls and UTG( STATION) calls. Turn (250) 7 villain lead 180. Folds to Hero who will have an SPR of about 1 if he elects to call and see the river? Villain lead into the field with 70% pot bet. Should we fold/raise/call. Villain is leading into a station and hero who more than likely has at least a one pair hand. If we do elect to call do we have to call on all brick rivers facing decent sized bets?


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,795Subscriber
    Feels like he's going for value here when it looks like you are checking back most turns here with your weak flop sizing.

    I'm folding here a lot but I could see a call. Would need very special reads forit to be a raise. On top of that our preflop range hits this flop along with our cbet range too. So villain would be even more value heavy here.
    by 1CycleV
  • Sean777 Posts: 356Subscriber
    check call flop, then donk lead big on blank turn is one of the most predictable ever big hand betting tells when coming from a weaker player. To me this is simply a question of how good your opponent is. Against solid thinking players this is often a semi-bluff and I would happily jam all in for your stack. Against weaker competition that is likely to play AK as a flat pre and wait for a safe card ott, it's an easy fold. I would very rarely flat call, I think folding or raising are the best options given our stack size. If you don't respect his poker game much, fold. If you do, put your stack in.
  • SofaKing Posts: 8Member
    edited April 2018
    Since he was leading into a calling station and me (who will connect with this board most the time) I decided to fold. I felt as if I only win the river if it goes check/check. But if I am folding JK here and it is one of my worst K’s, would I be calling with AK or AA. Just trying to not be too exploitable in my game.
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