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Overpair on flop when flush comes in on the turn

PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 200-1000

Simple hand, but I'm not really sure in these spots whether I should bet/fold, check/call, check fold etc.

Villain (1k) older guy. Not a super nit, but not super loose either. Plays fairly straightforward as far as I can tell. New to the table so no real reads.

Hero (1k) just sat down. Bad image as I lost about 350 to a short stack when I flopped a set vs his flush draw and the flush got there. Maybe I look beatable, who knows.

Folds to hero in mp.
Hero theart tclub raises 25
Villain calls otb
Blinds fold

Flop 8spade 6heart 5heart.
I bet 40, villain calls.

Turn 8spade 6heart 5heart Qheart

Is this just a bet fold? Check call? Check fold?

I feel like I am just getting run over lately because I keep having my turn bets raised and I have to just give up. So I'm at the point where I'm thinking I should pot control or just check/fold half the time.

I'm pretty far ahead of straight draws with one heart, but a hand like 87, 67 etc with a heart might call a reasonable bet. Draws probably call now but won't call river, although a single small heart might call a small river bet.

If I check and villain bets big is there any point in calling? I guess I could call and check/fold river but my ten high flush draw is pretty crappy given I don't expect him to slowplay this flop, so if I'm behind I should be nearly dead.


  • nahcretep Posts: 108Subscriber
    I think its a bet fold around $75 ~ $90.
    I am more worry about the river if it comes a heart or a 9,7 or 4.....would like to hear thoughts on the river too....
  • Bobbo Posts: 9Member
    I would bet fold turn and check fold most rivers. Probably bet folding a ten. Think I even check fold a heart because Villain will probably just take the showdown with made no heart hands in position
  • bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    On the turn I am bet/folding $70ish.

    On the river I'm bet/folding $125 on a brick or a T. If the board pairs the 8,Q, completes the straight, or an overcard hits I'm checking and evaluating(leaning towards fold). If the 4th heart hits i'm checking as well unless the heart is an overcard then I am going to bet/fold $125ish. The reasoning is that I believe if he has a heart it is mostly in the AKJ987 range with the other card being a pair to the board or a 7. If the heart that comes off is the AKJ then I believe his flushes are weighted towards ones that we beat and we can get more money. However if the flush card is an undercard I think his flushes are in the AKJ range. I think he rarely has 2,3,4 of hearts and when he does I don't think he turns it into a bluff on heart rivers to get us to fold our flush.
  • JerseyJay Posts: 181Subscriber
    These are truly crappy spots and do come up often. I guess its a bet fold, but it sucks to get owned by a draw there. FWIW, nobody is doing it light. You are either already smoked or facing a hand with possibly 10+outs going into the river OOP. If the player is super aggressive and bluffs and semi bluffs will make up a huge part of his turn and river betting range, you could check call down and bluff catch. Definitely read and villain dependent though.
  • PokerIsFrustrating Posts: 657Member
    Thanks for the replies. I don't think villain semi-bluffs here a ton. I just wonder if even some non-nitty older players are going to fold a lot of their draws and weak made hands if I bet again.

    I actually bet $85, villain raised to $200 and I just folded.

    If you have any more comments please keep the thread alive. Just recently I'm getting hammered on the turn but I feel like I still need to bet these spots.
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