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Line check AKo

StopHammertimeStopHammertime Posts: 81Member
edited November -1 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I'm at a $1/2 game. Amongst the local casinos, one has a state record bad beat going right now, so there's a 3 hour wait to get a table there. Some people have started to figure out to go to the other casinos to get games going, and that's who this table consists of. Mostly men in their late 30s and 40s who are regs.

I've got a good image at this table, but the guy to my immediate left has been a bit of a pain. In one hand I raised UTG+1 with pocket tens, and he floated me on a JJ7 rainbow board and spiked an A on the turn. A hand before that he called my c-bet and bet me off the hand on the turn when top pair paired.

So, this hand. It's straddled to $5 in front of me and I'm first to act with AsKd. I raise to $12 and I think this is my first mistake. I get four calls, including from the guy to my left.

Flop ($60) is Ks Tc 4d, I c-bet $35. He calls and everyone else folds.

Turn ($130) is the 8c and I check, given the hand histories I laid out before. Even if this guy does have top pair, I think I'm way ahead of him. He bets $75, and I just call.

River ($280) is what I think is a great card for me: 7c. I jam for $133 and he snap calls: AcKc.

I couldn't help but laugh at my dumb luck. I still like my river shove there because I think my hand looks suspicious (isn't that supposed to be a scary card?), and I think he's calling with KQ and KJ a ton. But I'd like to get some opinions on it, maybe I'm missing something here.

And here are some hypothetical different scenarios:
- What if the river is Ac? What's my play there?
- What if the river is Qc?
- Is there a river that I DON'T shove?

Thanks guys


  • bobo1384 Posts: 145Subscriber
    I feel like you are turning your hand into a bluff by jamming at any point in this hand. You make it very hard for worse K to call off.

    His range seems to be TT, 44, KT, Kx, QJ, maybe AT, and some other random floats with gutters. The majority of his range though lies between Kx, QJ, and air. I think by check/calling the turn you are really just trying to get him to bluff his airball hands and semibluff his straight/flush draws. If we jam river after doing this he's rarely calling with hands we beat and we give him a great opportunity to fold out Kx. Also if we check/call the turn and he decides to check back, we are put into a spot on the river if he decided to raise our river bet(which probably wouldn't be a jam based on stack size and pot) because we played the turn weak. If we check/jam the turn rather than check/call, he probably folds out Kx but calls with two pair+ flush draws and maybe OESD. I think our best approach would be to bet flop, bet turn, and bet river. I suppose you could check/call off river to give him a chance to keep bluffs in his range but i'm not sure how many bluffs would still be there after him calling 2 barrels.

    Also I don't think we are deep enough to have to do anything fancy to get chips in the pot. It seems just by betting out all three streets gets all the chips in perfectly.

    bet flop, bet turn, all-in river

    Preflop, I would have opened to $20.
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