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It takes more than skill to succeed.

wildncrazyguywildncrazyguy Posts: 415Subscriber
Ok so tonight I played against a guy who is very good but he will never make it in poker big-time and will fail eventually. WHY? Because it takes more than skill.

1. He entered the game that was full of drinkers and terrible players and is not friendly, had his headphones in, never said a word.

2. I've called this guy down in the past a A high all the way, just recently, and was good. He check raised me big on a paired board on the turn and I folded my pocket pr saying, I thought you had it. He than shows me a pure bluff. Why would you show a guy this who rarely folds to you.

3. He's an ahole. I said I'll call you next time. He said no you won't. I'm not afraid of guys your age (I'm 40). I know I'm a great player. I told him no you will never be because of your attitude and you might not suck as a player but more importantly you do as a person. He wouldn't be quiet after that.

4. When rec players, which this table was besides me and him, overbet the pot on the flop or call a pf raise w k5o etc, hed laugh and snicker at how horrible they play. Some old guy would overbet the pot w AA and hed laugh.

5. My last hand of the night was I flopped a set of 3s and another guy called my all in w an overpr and 2 outed me. This guy laughed. I told the guy who 2 outed me, nice hand it happens, I'm not the kindve guy to be a dck to someone for no reason. Nice hand.

The game was a lot of fun, a lot of bluffing, with really bad players and a ton of money. Once this guy showed up it wasn't and immediately when I left most of the other players followed me. Now this super pro as he called himself was left w 3 people who all drank coffee and the drinkers left.

Lesson here is being a prck who thinks he's better than everyone and announces it will cost you. There's no way this guy will play the best games because no One wants to play w an ahole who thinks he's all that w his headphones on. Esp rec players. I got 2 and 3 outed a lot by fish tonight and told them gj. I raised pf w AK, had a guy call me all the way w k6o and on a kxx flop called my all in the turn and hit a 6 on the river. I didn't say you called me w that pf? Or laugh like this prck would. I said nice hand, you got me. I tried shutting up someone who started talking about how terrible he plays.

This guy will never make it. It takes more than skill and this guy will never get it and probably be miserable his whole life and fail.

I am invited to home games all the time. I'm action and have fun and am nice to people. This guy I can't see ever being invited to any game. He's good, unfriendly, cocky, and looks down on people. Who wants to play with that? Not most people, and defn not rec players.

Enjoy the game. Be nice to people. And if you're like him I hope you fail in life and in poker. You deserve to.


  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,270Subscriber
    As Barry Goldstein put it in his book Ace on the River.

    You are there to make money, recreational players are there to be entertained. They are paying you to be entertained so entertain. I am paraphrasing but you get the point.
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