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Troll The Sunrise

Its summer time bros!!! Bracelets, Bros and Babes!!! I’m sure ya bros have some most excellent plans like yoga, eating communist Carl’s, and positive fucking thoughts.

What’s my plans for summer poker. Jack fucking shit. It just another day in paradise for your poker mentor. But hey I want some I’m not a decrepit poker grinder goal too.

I love to sleep to sleep in. like really love to sleep in. If I had to choice between sleeping in and trolling there would be no poker mentor, I would have like some shitty Ryan Davis personality. But guess what toddlers think of sleeping in? They don’t, they think if it’s sunny outside you are an idiot to not be up. Am I going to blame my kid for ruining my sleep. Fuck no I blame the sun.

That’s why I’m setting my alarm clock 10 minutes before sunrise so I can wake before that Mother Earth fucker and talking shit to that gaseous asshole as he creeps up on Southern California.
by 2KSM dpbuck


  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,737Subscriber

    I set my watch to Central Mongolia Time so I can catch all the world news as it happens.
  • whoisjoeb Posts: 61Subscriber
    PokerMentorXLIX said:
    talking shit to that gaseous asshole as he creeps up on Southern California.
    Are you referring to the sun or Phil Hellmuth?

    School just ended here so all that pre sunrise carpool bullshit is on hiatus for 8 weeks
    by 1CycleV
  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
    5:38 for a 5:41 sunrise. sitting outside I guess I will sit outside for 10 minutes. Should be enough time to rant an update. The yard is wet cause some cloud sprinkling shit. It doesn’t normally Rain in summer here but I don’t ever fucking wake up this early so maybe this shit is normal. Bird are chirping, I wouldnt be chirping cause it’s fucking wet. Birds are kinda idiots. One flew in the garage the other day and flapped all the fucking years of dust on the rafters on to the floor. Fucking birds. I don’t even know why I’m nice to those feathered fucks.

    Neverlearn it’s 8:49pm in Mongolia those asshole are getting ready for bed all drunk on horse milk.

    Whoisjoeb. Ya think Hellmuth would charge 1.8 markup for the cost of driving the carpool?

    Fuck 10 minutes is up. This is a shit goal/challenge.
  • Jesse_The_Suit Posts: 492Subscriber
    Fuck the sun.
    by 1KSM
  • CycleV Posts: 634Subscriber
    That wet shit on the grass every morning is the nighttime angels taking a slash after a late piss-up. (All angels speak in British-isms, yet another reason why Hell will be so much better.)

    Agreed, this goal is shite. Mayhaps your goal should be to get a better fucking goal.
  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
    edited May 31
    CycleV too late already picked this one. It’s really Jocko Willink fault. This Video popped up on my Twitter and I thought shit I should do that. But I hate waking up when it’s dark outside so I picked before sunrise.

  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
    Also this bros to get pumped up!!

  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
    edited May 31
    Jocko says “why wouldn’t you wake up at 4:30 in the morning” I guess on standard time it is 4:30 in the morning. Today’s alarm clock went off at 5:30. My kid naturally woke up at 5:31 so we are both up at sunrise.
  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,737Subscriber
    I'm so motivated I'm gonna rewatch all the videos.
  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
    What up Bros!!!

    Just finishing up my workout.
    Poker Mentor you work out in the mornings?
    7:30 wake up mentor fuck no
    5:30 wake up mentor fuck yes
    5:30 Mentor gets shit done.

    Man if you havent watched the Jocko videos on this thread get on it.

    NeverLearn2 knows what’s up.

  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,737Subscriber
    yea man. Nice.
  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
    edited June 1




  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
    edited June 3
    Going to bed right now to be asleep by 9ish. Shit is still going. Didn’t write an update in the morning cause I woke up IDGAF.

    I was actually like fuck this stupid goal when I woke at 5:10am. I just got up anyways:

    So Woke up 30 minutes before sunrise. I waterwd plants and it was nice cause no one was out making Fucking noises except birds. Birds didn’t really piss me off today.

    Maybe one day I will be up before 5. I think your suppose to take a pic of it. That’s what Jocko does. Jocko is on Apple Music too if ya haven’t listen.

    Anyways fuck you guys. And especially one person. Thanks for Reading
  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
    Still felt like fuck this goal so I didn’t set my alarm clock and woke up at 5:30. Thought fuck it might as well get up. Worked out for an hour. Then went around and did a bunch of work around the house. Still a shit goal. I might just set alarm clock for 5:30 tomorrow to just finish a week.
  • PokerMentorXLIX Posts: 156Subscriber
    Went to bed around 10 didn’t set alarm clock woke up 6:30. Sunrise Goal busto.
    by 1KSM
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