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2/5 Horrible Turn Card

I raise EP K Q 20, CO calls, BTN raise 95, I call, CO folds. Heads up (1525 effective) BTN is a middle aged Asian man, plays pretty frequently, reasonably tight, probably a winner in the games.

K Q 7 (Pot 210)

I check, BTN 135, I x/r 450 he calls.

K Q 7 6 (Pot 1110)

I check, BTN all in 975 effective I fold.

I don’t expect him to have many flushes here at all, ATss and AJss are the only flushes that would make sense, but I don’t think he squeezes them preflop. I would also expect him to check back AsAx and AsKx on the turn but maybe he spazz jams them. Not sure if I’m supposed to just go with my hand here and jam the turn myself, or check call off, or check fold?

At the time I figured when I am ahead he still has like 33% equity and if he occasionally turns up with a flush I’m buried.


  • JLBJ Posts: 156Subscriber
    Man, this seems like a call to me. We block KK and QQ, doesn’t seem like he would squeeze with 77 or the obvious flushes.

    I think you’re more likely to see aces or AK with the A

    In a sense, you checked to open the door for him to bluff or bet worse hands. He’s done that now.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,827Subscriber
    Was gonna say the check back turn for AA to spazz is a good play here

    I don't mind anything til turn. I think we need to lead turn as well
  • DrSpace Posts: 716Subscriber
    AA ♠️ very often
  • SUYAPASUYAPA Posts: 69Subscriber
    I dont think a tight player shows up with a flush here. Does he ever 3b ATs or AJs?
    I think u have to call here. It looks a lot like AA or AK with the As.
  • Donkey2K18 Posts: 5Subscriber
    If Villain had a flush here would he actually jam or bet something like $350? Is he capable of squeezing light here with a hand like JTo, which floated the flop and now has OE+FD? What does Villain bet and call a check raise with? As others have said, AsKx, AsAx, .... A5s-A2s? I think AsJs, and As10s, would just get it in on the flop.

    4 combos of A5s-A2s
    3 combos of AsKx
    3 combos of AsAx.

    Maybe a couple combos of AK or AA with no spade scared to see a river that spazzes out?

    What are you repping when you check raise? Would you 4 bet QQ, KK, or AK? Seems like you're repping A10s, AJs, J10s, 77, and KQs when you check raise. Based on the hands your check raising here, I think the turn becomes a bet and call off.
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,097Subscriber
    Snap call!
  • Fletch23 Posts: 112Subscriber
    Ive been thinking about this one for a bit and I have gone back and forth.

    First, his 3B is huge. I think it’s OK to just fold, since you’re going to be OOP and in bad shape against a lot of his range. Against his range you’re kind of turning your hand into 87s, looking more at the flush and straight value than the high card value.

    Now on the flop you make a huge xr, so you’re bloating the pot even more OOP and folding out his hands you’d like to stay in, like JJ and some of his AK hands with no spade.

    On the turn he’s left with KK (1 combo), QQ (1), AA (6), AsKx (2), AJs (1) and that’s about it. (And he very well may check back with the AK and the AA hands with a spade.)

    Against that range, you’re around 50-50 so it’s a call.

    But I think you’d be better off folding to the 3B pre, or making a smaller XR on the flop.

  • pokergal72 Posts: 52Subscriber
    I would like another bet by you on the turn. You block KK and QQ and can get value from AA and AK w/ the As. Not sure about bet sizing though since you only have a pot size bet left. I most likely just jam here. If he's got KK or QQ he gets my money, but he's never folding the AA and AK hands here so you get max value from those hands.
    by 1fozbo
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