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$1/$3 flop top set w/ side pot

irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 383Subscriber
$1/$3 NLHE $300 cap
Table dynamics: more LAG than your average $1/$3.
Hero: $575 stack. TAG/nitty image.
V1: fairly new to the table. He's on the spazzy side. It's clear he's not here to fold. Stack is $150.
V2: young kid who is a little too lose pre flop. Post flop he is a very thin value bettor. He covers me.

Preflop: V2 limps UTG. I raise to $20 UTG2 w/ JJ. V1 calls on my immediate left. BB calls. V2 calls.
Pot: $75. 4 handed.
Flop: J 6 4 .
Checked to me & I bet $50. V1 shoves for $115. BB folds. V2 thinks for a minute & calls. Main pot is now about $355 & would be about $420 after I call the extra $65.
I think I have to raise here. Where I got stuck was on sizing. I have about $450 left after the extra $65 so I have just a little over a pot-sized bet left. V2 appears to have a draw. It seems unlikely he has a worse made hand as there is only 1 J left in the deck & it's doubtful he plays a set or 2 pair this way given the action. Should I shove or is it better to make a smaller raise to keep a draw in hand?

And do we play this hand differently if we have an overpair instead of top set?


  • Beatsme Posts: 587Subscriber
    I think I like a jam on this flop... problem with raising is the villain is likely to be able to play perfectly against us on future streets. If we raise 1/2 our stack and a heart comes off are we really gonna fold if he jams? We dont even know which draw he is on... you said he is loose would it really surprise you if he is in there with 75o? I guess we could raise a little less than 1/2 our stack and jam safe turns... it just sucks when turn is a straightening card or a heart... we are kinda forced to check. I just like a jam... also he could have flopped 66 or 44 and decided to slow play even though its unlikely.

    If we had an over pair say KK or AA we would need to know if we had the in our hand. If we had AA with the A I like a call and then play poker in position the rest of the hand... Jx is much more likely when we hold an over pair so im gonna try to get more value throughout the hand betting to target Jx. With an over pair we could also raise small here otf if we had a in our hand. If we had AA or KK without a I think I lean towards a jam because we are not blocking any flush draws
  • JLBJ Posts: 172Subscriber
    Jam. I agree with everything Beatsme says.
  • neverlearn2 Posts: 2,860Subscriber
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