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Monster Stack - Trips on Flush Board Multiway

dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,046Subscriber
$1500 Monster Stack at WSOP
Day 1 Shortly Before Dinner Break
Table is tough. A few known names, and other solid players. Only one spot (not in the hand).

UTG (18K) - Pretty tight and aggressive, but might be a bit too tight on later streets.
Hero UTG2 (22K) - Probably seen as a nit. Been card dead and haven't played many hands.
MP1 (80K) - Vivek Rajkumar - hasn't been at table long, but is probably playing 90% of hands. Playing very splashy and aggressively postflop, getting a lot of folds.
BB (25K) - Russell Rosenblum - playing solid, not getting out of line.

Blinds 200/400/a50
UTG opens to 1000. Hero calls next to act with A Q. MP1 calls. BB calls.
Pot 4500. Flop Q 7 6. BB checks. UTG bets 2100. Hero calls. MP1 folds. BB tanks and calls.
Pot 10800. Turn 9. BB checks. UTG checks. Hero checks.
Pot 10800. River Q. BB checks. UTG checks. Hero?

(Bet sizes and stack sizes approximate. Hand was from over a week ago...)

Thoughts on all streets, and what to do on the river? I discussed this hand with @thehammah and @scourrge shortly afterwards, but wanted to get more thoughts. Seemed a bit like a "value vs. stack preservation in tournaments" discussion...


  • justfourfun Posts: 191Subscriber
    I would play this hand more aggressively. Image can certainly be dynamic and since your image is tight I would certainly consider a 3! Pre flop. You flatted pre that’s fine. I would not flat again on the flop. You hit that flop hard. Wet board. Hitting a Q here much better than hitting your A. I would raise UTG’s flop bet up to 6000. I am guessing that this hand did not turn out well for you and that the BB hit a set otf or hit a flush or straight on the turn. By the river you are certainly betting. 3000-4000 river bet.
  • Jwhoover Posts: 20Subscriber
    edited November 2018
    I hate the above advice, raising this flop doesn’t do much but inflate the pot and make it harder to play on later streets. I shouldn’t say hate but if we are 8-10 handd I am not 3 betting this without relative position or trying to build an image. I like the flop call and turn check. Again if we were 6 handed I could get behind a 5k raise otf check back turn re evaluate river, but assuming the is 9 handed I like it as played.

    Since MP! Is out of he hand I like betting 5500ish sucks if we get raised I think we can just fold. After action and check turn I think our range is for sure capped here with what we have. A bet is pretty face up, but being is position may help us get called by worse. After I think about it a little more I think JJ and KK may end up folding, tough in game decision on what calls us. How did it play out? I dont hate a check, but surely there is value here, I would chalk it up to opponent based vs bad players im betting every time, probably mix checking and betting vs good players based on my image at the time.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,046Subscriber
    Hand was from the World Series this summer. I don't remember my exact sizing, but I did bet very small for value from UTGs probable AA/KK, maybe something like 3500. @thehammah thought I could go even smaller, but @scourrge liked my sizing.

    BB calls. UTG folds. Hero loses to a baby flush, 3 5 if I recall.
  • Jwhoover Posts: 20Subscriber
    I like it, thats my ultimate thought try to get called by AA/KK
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