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thin value on river?

1/2 200eff
Hero raises to 7 UTG A K , CO and BU call blinds fold
Flop (24): 6 3 3
Hero bets 12, both V call
Turn (60): K
Hero bets 30, CO tanks a bit and calls
River (120): 6
What is hero's plan for the river? bet/fold? check/call? check/fold?


  • RagingOwlRagingOwl Posts: 172Member
    If you bet/fold, you're targeting Kx (which shouldn't be a very big part of his range) and PP's that he might be sticky with.

    If you check/call, you're targeting bluffs. You're hoping he bets busted hearts, or 54

    If you check/fold, it's because you're believe hes tight enough to only have a 6 or 3 on the flop, and sneaky/trappy enough to slow play it this long.

    You didn't give us any info on the villain in order to make this decision. We need that in order choose the appropriate action. All are viable depending on his tendencies.

    I guess in a vacuum my default here is bet/fold. I'd guess he has mostly PP's and busted draws, and I'd guess he checks back everything except a full-house.
  • Stoked Posts: 96Subscriber
    V is pretty much unknown to us, only an hour or so history, one showdown leads us to believe that he may be a bit on the loose side pre but not much of a sample size to work with. He has not played any huge pots or taken very aggressive lines that I have noticed.
  • RagingOwlRagingOwl Posts: 172Member
    Tell us about that one showdown. What did he have? What did he do on the river?
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,433Subscriber
    Bet large on flop. Either he has a pair, the same draw, a SD, or nothing he is calling with so get value from the hands he is NEVER folding but probably folds OTT.

    As played? Bet 1/2p river fold to a raise pretty simple. Target JJ and TT.
  • Stoked Posts: 96Subscriber
    he called 89o in CO vs EP open and went call call check on AT89A losing to TJ.
  • ohsnapzbrah Posts: 632Subscriber
    Unless we bet very small, everything better raises and everything worse should fold. Based on the HH given, we could bet like 40 and hope to get called by 77 88 99, as the front door missed and V may think we're bluffing with that missed draw.

    I think I like that line better as we block a lot of his potential flush draws. The best FD he can have is Q hi. So infrequent flush draws or 54. And we would have to hope he bets them, which, given the prior HH, seems unlikely.

    When he bets, we have to call because we are way too high in our range to fold. But by betting 40, he will raise his boats and call with pocket pairs that check back. It's a thin value bet that kind of acts as a blocking bet since we usually lose less when we're beaten as compared to a xc line.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,009Subscriber
    I think bet/fold small targeting value from smaller pairs and ace high, or bet/calling enabling villain to bluff are both viable lines. Not sure we have enough information at this point to determine which is better. Definitely don't check/fold to reasonable sizing, though.

    At 1/2 I probably lean towards bet/fold for $45 or so.
  • Sonny Posts: 390Subscriber
    You generally should be good here, its kinda hard for either of them to have a 6 or a 3. However you did only raise to $7 UTG. In live $1/2, that has to be bigger. At least $12 if not possibly more.
    I think its possible our opponent has a pocket pair bigger than a 6 or they floated the flop with overs and hit a worse King.
    I would check this river and expect it to go check, check. I think some 3's even check here at a $1/2 game. If you check and he bets, just evaluate then, his sizing will be the biggest tell. Then you can call or fold depending on your read. The fact that he called the turn is actually kinda good for us since I think some 6's are folding once top pair changes. Not everyone is going to fold a 6 tho.
    I think leading on the river is just too thin.
    When you bet the flop players usually call with either top pair or a draw. Top pair on the flop improved and we block the draw, so baised on that, I dont think its an auto fold, but proceed with caution.
  • 2thdoctor Posts: 66Subscriber
    In 1/2 I'm betting this all day, I like the suggested sizing of $40ish
  • Stoked Posts: 96Subscriber
    Thanks for replies.

    In game I felt I had run out of value and ended up checking river. He bet $100 which sucked and I ended up folding.

    In retrospect I think a bet might have been better, even though I'm not often getting called by worse, its an easy fold if raised.
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