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Shame Equity??

RagingOwlRagingOwl Posts: 172Member
edited August 2018 in Beats, Brags, and Variance
Villain is an epic loser. Just a horrible poker player, but can't bring himself to give the game up. He generally buys in for the minimum and plays like dog crap. 90% of the sessions I've played with him are under 1 hour long, and end with him leaving broke.

I don't remember exactly what happened, but Villain went broke. And he wasn't happy about it. Clearly tilted. Clearly frustrated. Then he does something I've never seen him do.....he pulls a full buy-in, 150BB, out of his pocket and lays it on the table.

I said a little prayer asking if I could please please please be in the hand when he decides to light it on fire.

Hero over-limps with 87ss. Flop 8c3x7c. Villain leads $10. One caller. Hero raises to 30, both call. Turn 8h. Villain leads $95. One fold. I'm sitting there trying to keep my boner from knocking the table over.

What follows would later be described by the dealer and other players as "Best Hollywood I've seen"

I tank tank tank shoved, and he tank tank tank called. All the while I jabbered in his ear and convinced him I wasn't very strong.

Another player who knows the villain better than I do just kind of shook his head and told me all of that was unnecessary. Claimed he was sure that the villain had nothing, maybe not even Ace-high and that he just called me to save his ego. His theory is that the villain would rather pay me off than experience the shame of spewing away almost half his buyin and then folding.

Is that a thing that actually happens? For 80BBs?


  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 776Subscriber
    1. Villians don't come to fold
    2. Villains look at folding as they have 0% chance to win the hand. By calling they have some > 0% chance, which is better than 0 the way they look at it.
    3. Villians can't sleep at night if they fold and never find out what you have.

    Why these things are true, I don't know. But they are. A lot of V's look at poker as any other form of gambling, albeit one where they lose slower than at any other form of gambling. But they still believe all gambling is the same. The concept of +EV and -EV gambling is beyond them.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,459Subscriber
    Despite all those poker shows recs at low stakes still think it's mostly luck. Really blows my mind. Shit my mother thinks it's all luck even though I have thoroughly explained poker to her using an example of if I played her for a year...... still luck.

    Just entertain and collect.
  • RecreationalRogerRecreationalRoger Posts: 776Subscriber
    Fuzzypup said:
    Despite all those poker shows recs at low stakes still think it's mostly luck. Really blows my mind. Shit my mother thinks it's all luck even though I have thoroughly explained poker to her using an example of if I played her for a year...... still luck.

    Just entertain and collect.
    Fuzzy - I couldnt agree more. I have highly educated friends - including an actual rocket scientist - who think just like your mom. "Everyone gets the same card in the end" they say. I try to explain to them winning poker player can beat you with his cards, and then beat you with your cards. In one ear and out the other.

    Also the entertaining thing Im starting to realize is very important at the low levels. not that ive ever been a dick at the tables, but I've been going out of my way this summer to really help keep a fun atmosphere going at the table, and its been paying dividends. not so much in the sense that people hand their money over to me personally, but its been keeping the action players at the table longer, which begets more action, which keeps chips on the table (and induces more rebuys which puts more chips on table) vs. chips/players going home.
    by 1hustlin
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,459Subscriber
    Actual rocket scientist and still thinks it's luck, wow. Even with the same people winning big money over and over. I just read an article on how people stick to their beliefs in with overwhelming facts in front of them.

    Just print money. I play 2/5 and occasionally 1/2

    The 1/2 game I only play when it's deep. The amount of physical tells at 1/2 is enormous. Some players basically flip their hand face up just by their body language. 1/2 deep better than 2/5 100bb game by far.
  • hustlin Posts: 335Subscriber
    The other player does have a point. I dont think its really good for the game if you hollywood like crazyyyyy if you got the nuts. I mean a little stalling is ok. But like a tank tank tank shove. its a little BRUTAL. Ur kinda EMBARRASSING the poor guy.
    If its the best hollywood the dealer has ever seen. Than hell musta been one crazy tank lol

    I do like the talking and table chatter. Thats always good for the game. It beats a quiet silent game any day.

    Just play ur hand . and let the chips and cards fall were they were meant to be.
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,459Subscriber
    There are actually ways you can encourage an action by selling fake tells and not being obvious. You have to set it up though. Now you will say meh fish don't pay attention and you would be correct. They don't pay conscious attention to these little things. But they are still human and even an untrained human can detect another human lying with 55% accuracy. A trained human has a detection of around 70% (Lie Spotting, Pamela Moyer... I'm pretty sure this is where I read it)

    For example. Say you want to set up a future bluff. You have a hand you are 100% folding and someone makes a huge bet. You copy the same tells these players see all the time like you folded a draw.

    How much is it? Too expensive for my hand, good bet. Do some fake math in your head or actually even better the real math. Fold.
    Next time you have a SD and intend to bluff the FD. Same player bets.... How much is it?.. you call intending that if a flush card comes you will bluff at it by betting when checked too or raising.

    You might think this is foolish non-sense and it isn't something measurable. But I have some tactics I use that I have succeeded with. I have even tested if these have worked. People intuitively pick up things. How often have you bluffed and a fish called on intuition and you realized you were acting normal. I have.

    You want to limp reraise AAin EP? Limp and make it a show if someone raises and you fold. Man I wanted to play this hand ok I will give you this one. .... Little micro manipulations.

    Or even if you keep winning announce how today has been a lucky day for you. The 1/2 players will eat it up.

    I'm sure @ 5/10 this is far less effective but @ 1/2 it is and even @ 2/5 it can be. I've used different tactics to get players to fold sets or overpairs to me. Once I convinced a guy to calling my massive flop reraise all in when he only had a SD. Of course he hit it vs my set but you get the picture.

    So this is different than hollywooding. This is passive, subtle, mind manipulation. I'm a big proponent of psychological manipulation at the tables.
    by 1hustlin
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